Warm Up Your Look With Buttery Blonde

If you’re in search of ways to lighten up your locks, consider this warm blonde hue. This vibrant hue pairs nicely with browns and golds; try pairing this shade with either a defined long bob or tangerine bob for optimal results.

Grummel suggests starting with a light base color and adding full highlights for an organic sun-kissed effect. Once done, use a toner like L’Oreal Paris Le Gloss One Step In-Shower Toning Gloss to prevent brassiness from occurring in your strands.

Warm Tones

Buttery blonde hues offer an ideal solution to neutralizing blue and green eyes, complement pearly complexions, as well as lighter eye colors like brown ones. Furthermore, its warm undertone can work wonders on medium skin tones when worn with soft balayage highlights throughout your locks.

Strawberry blonde is another warm blonde hue that complements fair complexions beautifully. Full highlights can provide vibrant bursts of reddish orange and golden tones to bring out your peepers, while subtler balayage techniques add the same hues for an alluring, sun-kissed finish.

To prevent brassiness in light-colored locks, keep a purple shampoo like the Matrix Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner for Colour Treated Hair in your arsenal to combat yellow tones and keep your blonde looking vibrant for longer. This duo helps prevent unwanted yellow tones that dull its vibrant look.

Honey-Yellow Tones

Buttery blonde is a warm hue with yellow undertones. Ideal for medium skin tones who aren’t ready to commit fully to platinum blonde, buttery blond is often described by popsugar as having golden balayage over its base for a dramatic touch.

Honey balayage over a buttery blonde base works wonderfully for girls with dark roots, creating an easy yet stunning ombre look with minimal maintenance required.

Buttery hues may sometimes turn brassy on clients’ hair if they have not used the appropriate shampoo and conditioner, or have overblown. To prevent this, recommend that your clients use INVIGO Cool Blonde Color Refreshing Shampoo Opens in new window as necessary to maintain vibrant blondes free from unwanted warmth.

Cool Tones

Beige blonde shades can help brighten up light skin with cool undertones, and Khloe Kardashian’s beige blonde hair color provides a prime example. This natural-looking hue works best on light to medium complexions with cool or neutral eye colors – just be sure to add warm highlights for balance and an effortlessly flattering look!

Strawberry blonde is a warmer variation on buttery blonde that pairs beautifully with pearly complexions and bright eye colors. Achieve this vibrant shade is easiest by lightening an already lighter base, though balayage techniques may also work to achieve it.

If your client’s skin has more pink, red or even a hint of blue undertones, they tend to prefer cool toned blonde hues such as platinum blonde. Icy platinum will match these undertones best and may require multiple visits as it takes time to eliminate all warmth from their hair.

Neutral Tones

Buttery blonde hues provide the ideal balance of warmth and cool, according to celebrity hairstylist Glenn Ellis. According to him, this creamy shade creates a sun-kissed finish and works with various complexions. You can identify your tone by looking at your veins: If they are blue or purple in hue they indicate cool toned complexion while green veins indicate neutral tones.

Attracting more attention than other colors does require less upkeep; when styling with this hue you’ll feel effortlessly extrovert and energetic! Ice, platinum and ash blonde colors also require maintenance costs to maintain.

Use color-depositing shampoo regularly to keep warm tones of your hair from appearing brassy, and for styling we love how a brushed out bob highlights this trendy blonde shade’s shimmery highlights. Or try styling it into a sleek top knot for an alternative approach.