How to Get an Expensive Brunette Look

Although its glamorous name suggests otherwise, this industry-sweeping shade requires relatively minimal upkeep. Drawing inspiration from more natural styles, this aesthetic relies on strategically-placed highlights and lowlights to accentuate a client’s beautiful dark brown base color.

Imagine Hailey Bieber’s subtle caramel ombre and you have this trend nailed down. To keep her shade vibrant between salon visits, recommend color-depositing conditioners like Moroccanoil Cocoa as an effective way to maintain its vibrancy.

1. Balayage

Brunettes looking to look their best without full head highlights should consider balayage as an option. Instead of traditional foil highlights which involve placing all your hair under a heat cap for instant lightening, stylists use balayage techniques instead to paint individual strands with bleach so it resembles natural sun-kissed highlights, thus eliminating obvious grow-out and the need for touchup appointments between salon visits.

A balayage highlight application tends to be less obvious than full-head ombre or highlights, giving you the ability to add color without creating drastic transformation. Babylights may also provide another option; their sun-kissed highlights mimic that of children’s locks.

Dependent upon your desired warmth level, balayage may require more or less upkeep than other coloring techniques. For instance, blonder looks may require frequent touch ups with our experts; brunettes who desire an expensive hue may require touch ups less frequently.

2. Lowlights

Attracting those seeking a natural look, ‘expensive brunette‘ offers an affordable way to achieve it without full-head highlights or drastic transformations. Utilizing either balayage or foiling techniques, light brown or bronde ribbons are added throughout a dark base using either balayage or foiling, creating a dramatic yet stunning appearance. In order to maintain vibrant hues for longer, less frequent washing and use of color depositing conditioner such as dpHue Gloss+Opens in new tab are both essential in order to prevent stripping.

Hailey Bieber is leading the charge for this luxurious yet lived-in hair color trend. No matter if you are transitioning away from blonde, or simply wanting low maintenance elegance, this trend has something to offer everyone. Additionally, eco-conscious users may benefit from using warmer tones such as golden hues to achieve sun-kissed results that create dimension and shine for an enhanced radiant finish.

3. Gloss

Redken Shinefinity Opens in a new tab) clear glaze can add extra lustre to a brunette’s skin tones with soft skin tones. Furthermore, this method makes brightening clients’ natural hues simpler without lifting or tinting; and you can do it quickly between color appointments!

This season’s trendy brown hue is rich and expensive – ideal for clients seeking an elegant yet sophisticated look while remaining close to their natural skintone. Hailey Bieber has become synonymous with this trend since her return to her brunette roots; Ciara too sports this rich cocoa hue.

Expensive brunette is an innovative take on effortless-looking brown hair that looks healthy and lush, ideal for former blondes returning to their roots or anyone seeking low maintenance elegance. Combine it with glossy finishes such as clear glaze for added shine, as well as a hair care regimen designed to protect and enhance color – and your clients will be sporting the latest brown trend!

4. Masks

An extravagant brunette like this requires plenty of shine. Give these gloss-boosting tips to your clients so that they can maintain a luxurious, expensive brunette look at home.

Diluting an expensive brunette trend requires nothing more than mixing light caramel with warm brown. This combination creates a sun-kissed brunette shade with subtle golden highlights that highlight cheekbones while framing facial features without overshadowing them.

To achieve a sunny-brown hue, sweep Blondor Freelights through the crown and mid-lengths before toning all other areas with Koleston Perfect 6/77 espresso brown dye. Add Shinefinity 00/00 clear glaze into this mixture for a glossy, frizz-free and effortlessly styled result that can also act as a conditioning treatment! For optimal results use Color Fresh Mask Opens in a new tab in Chocolate Touch or Golden Gloss as a depositing conditioner after every application of dyeing service!