Long Hair Oils & Serums

https://salondeauville.com/ and serums are two popular products used to keep locks healthy, shiny and frizz-free. Although similar in concept, each has specific purposes that must be fulfilled at different times.

This lightweight hair oil helps tame frizz and flyaways without leaving your mane feeling greasy, as well as nourish the scalp for stronger-feeling strands.

Boosts Shine and Controls Frizz

https://thefashiongaze.com/top-5-hair-products-that-work-best-on-every-hair-type/ and serums can bring shine, smoothness, protection from frizz and flyaway strands and shine to your locks. When used appropriately for your specific type of hair, using oils and serums can make an enormous difference!

If you have curly or coily hair, try this sustainably sourced organ oil serum which enhances shine while helping control frizz. Plus, its ingredients such as ashwagandha and turmeric boost scalp circulation for increased hair growth!

This lightweight formula can be used as both a pre-shampoo treatment or to smooth and protect hair prior to styling, without weighing down your locks. Plus, its citrus scent is not overpowering – an outstanding feature in our Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty, Health & Sustainability Lab for both application and feel! This is an ideal product for all hair types – particularly dry or damaged locks.

Nourishes and Strengthens

Long hair oil does more than simply moisturize your strands – it also provides essential fatty acids for overall hair health and growth. According to Birnur Aral, Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab executive director. the most beneficial oils should nourish hair follicles while simultaneously preventing dandruff and encouraging growth.

Red camellia oil and other nourishing ingredients found in this hair growth serum work together to increase elasticity and shine, making this lightweight serum easy to apply on wet or dry locks.

Although this serum can be applied both wet and dry hair, for optimal results it’s best used as a pre-shampoo treatment before washing your locks, then apply to damp strands as either pre-styler or finishing product afterwards. Ideal for all hair types (type 3A to 4C textures especially), as well as being affordable and cruelty-free!

Nourishes the Scalp

If you want to give your locks an all-over boost, look for a serum that increases density and reinvigorates follicles. One such serum features 3% Procapil to stimulate ageing strands back into action while Horsetail Leaf adds strength. Plus, botanical oils lock in moisture.

If your scalp is dry and itchy, reach for this soothing oil spray. Amla, used for centuries in South Asian haircare regimens to stimulate follicles and delay graying, is its key component; in addition, Peppermint Lavender and Arabica Coffee Oil add revitalizing effects that help ease tension on strands and relax them further.

Curly or textured hair could benefit from using this pre-wash scalp treatment, packed with rosemary, neem seed oil and heisqualane to strengthen their hair shaft, alleviate dryness and detangle their strands. Simply distribute a small amount through clean towel-dried locks before leaving it in for 5 to 15 minutes to work its magic before washing as usual.

Helps Prevent Split Ends

While a split end cannot be repaired once it occurs (the strand becomes separated), using specific hair products can help make damaged ends appear sleeker and healthier. Salon stylists recommend oils, glossing serums and leave-in conditioners as effective products to use to conceal them and lessen their visibility.

Experts often believe split ends are genetic, but you can help protect yourself by being gentle with your locks, using heat protection and deep conditioning consistently, and scheduling regular trims. Try the Fable & Mane HoliRoots Pre-Wash Treatment Oil featuring ingredients from ashitaba plants (revered for their cell-regenerating abilities by Japanese samurais) to keep your locks strong and healthy.

Fable & Mane HoliRoots uses a hair oil designed for all hair types, but especially effective for bleached or balayage tresses because of its pea protein which protects against heat damage, and quinoa that enhances color enhancement. Furthermore, baobab seed oil keeps your strands hydrated without feeling heavy or greasy.