Hair Cuts Styles & Trends 2024

Hair Cuts Styles  Trends 2024

Switching up your hairstyle is an exciting form of self-expression. Whether you’re seeking a total transformation or just refreshing your current look, here are some inspiring styles to try in 2024.

The long lob of 2023 has evolved into the versatile midi cut – an effortless style that falls between the chin and shoulders and is suitable for all hair textures. Perfect for face framing and versatile enough to work for any event!

Long Bobs

Long bobs are classic yet effortless hairstyles, perfect for flattering long face shapes. To achieve volume on fine locks, try Color Wow’s Dreamcoat as it will help smooth flyaways and maintain an unfussy finish. Long bobs also work great if your locks have waves or curls as it will give the appearance of thicker locks.

For a softer version of this classic cut, ask your stylist to create face-framing layers and fragmented bangs reminiscent of Rachel cut, known as the “kitty cut.” This trend offers less structure while still offering mismatched strands a tousled vibe.

Consider a symmetrical blunt bob for an alternative look that’s both bold and sophisticated, according to celebrity hairstylist Priscilla Valles. Asymmetrical bobs also work great with all textures of hair.

Chin Length Bobs

Long styles remain fashionable, yet chin length bobs offer women with medium to fine hair another great style option. This versatile cut allows you to add volume and texture while framing your face in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Choppy chin-length bobs with lots of layers are especially effective at volumizing wavy locks while being suitable for those who like wearing their locks voluminously.

Lori Harvey and Issa Rae have made headlines with their cropped bob styles seen on Instagram. This look can be worn either sleek and straight or tousled for an effortless style.

For a less structured and casual chin-length bob style, try opting for one featuring soft layers featuring balayage highlights for a sun-kissed finish that requires minimal upkeep. This haircut’s layer design creates lighter top layers to make styling simple! Perfect for those who like low maintenance styling!

Midi Bobs

No matter if you just got your hair cut or are growing out an existing bob, the mid-length midi bob is a new hair trend for 2024. This shoulder-skimming style is more subtle than its counterpart the long bob; popular among Penelope Cruz and Hailey Bieber among others, and often considered Goldilocks hair length – not too short nor too long but just right!

This trendy take on the classic bob makes use of slightly flicked blunt ends for face-framing layers that frame your features beautifully. Additionally, this style looks beautiful when styled wavy hair, and can easily be styled into an informal topknot or left blown out to expose its layers.

Add texture to a midi bob by styling with curls or using hot tools such as the GHD Classic Curl Tong to achieve loose waves, like Florence Pugh does, or by straightening with side-partings as is typically found with minimalist aesthetic midi bobs.

Side Parts

A side part adds sophistication to any cropped hair style and can instantly elevate a lob or bob. Perfect for balancing out different face shapes, this look can also highlight sleek finger waves such as those created by celebrity stylist Winnie Harlow on this beauty guest.

After years of middle part dominating red carpets and runways, side parts are making a comeback in fashion. Celebrities like Janelle James, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa and Eva Longoria can be seen sporting this classic cut now, sparking its revival.

As long as it fits within your look, the classic side part is timeless, chic, and beautiful on everyone. Elevate it by pairing it with an eye-catching top knot created by celebrity hairstylist Kellon Deryck for this beauty; she even passed black tie gala approval!