Thicker Hair Styling Products

Thickening up your locks doesn’t have to be impossible with the right styling products! Our Beauty Lab experts have selected products designed specifically to thicken and full out strands for fuller locks – making thickening easier than ever!

This thickening spray offers lift and volume to individual strands without making them feel heavy or weighed down, and is safe for color-treated and chemically treated hair.


Hair wax is a thick-textured product used for shaping, molding and sculpting strands into desired styles. It is great for controlling unruly stray hairs or flyaways and providing natural-looking medium holds that last all day long.

Hair waxes offer a matte finish, making them the ideal way to add texture and definition without weighted-down stiffness, while pomades typically provide more substantial, glossy hold, making them suitable for creating sophisticated styles.

To use wax, warm a small amount in between your palms before applying it directly onto the strands. Use your fingertips to smooth and sculpt your style before it sets. Wax won’t stiffen as it dries, allowing you to easily change up your look throughout the day without stiffening up and stiffening up like with gel or spray products.

Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray is an ideal way to thicken hair and replicate beachy waves. You can use it alone or combine it with clay or wax for an effective matte effect and added texture in flat hair.

Apply this product after washing and before applying any other products. Comb through your hair to untangle any tangles or knots before styling as usual.

After applying your product, you have two options for drying your hair: air drying or blow drying to add volume. If using a blow dryer to style, make sure not to overdo it; excess heat styling can damage and breakage hair, so using a heat protectorant product before styling can also be helpful.

Sugar Spray

Pureology‘s Beach Wave Sugar Spray is an innovative non-drying texture spray that gives hair lived-in beach waves without drying them out. Crafted with sugar cane to provide texture while shielding it from UV rays thanks to sunflower seed extract and vitamin E, this formula leaves waves without flaking.

Simply spray it over dry or damp hair and scrunch upward for all-day texture and waves. Plus, this formula includes protective antioxidants like quinoa protein and green tea extract to shield your locks against sun damage, which could otherwise lead to fading or dulling effects.

Sugar hairspray is an excellent solution for those with thin or fine hair who desire more sustainable beauty practices, as it contains less chemicals than its traditional counterpart. Products packaged in eco-friendly aluminum bottles reduce plastic waste.


Hair fibers create a natural-looking result by adhering to existing hair and filling any sparse areas, becoming virtually undetectable against natural color changes and looking totally invisible against natural tresses. When applying them, gently shake out the can and sprinkle a small amount onto your scalp; pat lightly with fingertips to distribute evenly before repeating this step several times for best results. For optimal use it is wise to do this over several ‘layers’ because moisture-sensitive products like this may clump when dampened or over-applied; do this gradually for best results and seamless integration between natural looking tresses and synthetics in between.

Fiber can be an ideal option for creating volume and adding texture without creating the smooth, wet look that pomades do. They often wash out or clump when exposed to water or sweating heavily and may fade more quickly when outdoors in sunlight/beach environments.