Hair Restoration Oils & Serums

Hair Restoration Oils  Serums

An oil or serum hair treatment penetrates into your strands to nourish and hydrate. They should be applied after shampooing to damp or towel-dried hair for maximum benefit.

This hair oil contains Moroccan argan oil (popularly known as “liquid gold”), moringa seed oil and grape seed oil to strengthen and repair split ends in your strands.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is a natural plant oil extracted from argan tree kernels found in Morocco and widely used as an ingredient in various skin and hair care products. Not only is this highly nutritious oil beneficial, it may even improve overall skin and hair health!

Vitamin-packed and rich in essential fatty acids, this smoothie can help prevent hair loss while encouraging hair growth. Furthermore, its hydrating qualities hydrate scalp and hair simultaneously for improved overall hair and nail health.

Integrate argan oil into your daily beauty regimen by applying a few drops to damp hair before styling or moisturizing hands and feet with it. Argan oil can also be combined with other oils to tailor a personalized formula that meets your individual needs – like our MDhair Peptide Bond Repair Oil featuring argan and avocado oils to nourish and hydrate dry, damaged locks without the addition of harmful sulfates, parabens or fragrances; making this the ideal product to bring life back into dull, lifeless locks!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an invaluable hair remedy that can be used to combat dryness, strengthen strands and support healthy scalp conditions. Furthermore, it can even be used to combat dandruff and promote new hair growth.

It contains medium-chain fatty acids that may help prevent hair loss by encouraging healthy cells. Furthermore, vitamin E and potassium provide additional support in maintaining optimal pH levels on your scalp and hair.

Use coconut hair oil alone or combine it with other essential oils to tailor it specifically to your hair care needs. Lemon oil offers a revitalizing scent while geranium and ylang ylang contain properties to balance dandruff control. Or try mixing coconut oil with rosemary, tea tree or lavender essential oils for an aromatherapy experience!

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil closely resembles your scalp’s natural sebum, making it ideal for nourishment of dry hair and oily scalps without appearing greasy. Furthermore, it may help treat and prevent dandruff while also protecting hair against heat damage or the sun’s UV rays.

Jojoba oil is packed with nutrients such as vitamin E, B and antioxidants that can boost hydration levels. Furthermore, since it’s less likely to cause allergic reactions than many other oils on the market, jojoba can be an ideal choice for people with sensitive scalps or skin. You can try it alone or mix it with essential oils to create a nourishing hair serum; or find it used in many skincare and beauty products like popular exfoliators featuring Jojoba beads that replace synthetic microbeads (jojoba beads); also find it used in conditioners and shampoos as it’s commonly extracted using cold-process extraction method extraction process extraction method.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil, often found in hair care products, boasts antifungal and antibacterial properties to combat bacteria that cause dandruff. Furthermore, its soothing and moisturizing qualities help soothe dry or itchy scalps.

Rosemary oil can be combined with other oils like coconut, argan and jojoba to form your own unique treatment plan. Shab Caspara of Leona recommends starting off slowly and working your way up gradually until applying twice daily – patch testing should also be carried out beforehand as some individuals might be sensitive to rosemary essential oil.

When shopping for rosemary oil, look for one that is pure and organic. Cold-pressed and steam-distilled products offer optimal potency with superior aroma; be sure to review the ingredient list for any additives which could inhibit its efficacy or look for formulas with rosemary extract instead of pure oil which are less potency but are cheaper alternatives.