Goldwell Shampoo Conditioners For Blond Hair

Goldwell Shampoo Conditioners For Blond Hair

Goldwell Dualsenses’ blonde hair shampoo brings out color luminosity through instant neutralization of unwanted yellow tones and detangling, leaving hair noticeably healthier-looking with incredible shine. MicroPROtec Complex helps minimise colour fade while Fade Stop Formula delivers next-gen color protection.

The Silver range from Goldwell provides cool color effects for grey and blonde hair, intensifying and maintaining salon-perfect shade in every client. Shop it today at Salon Style with Zippay and Free Shipping Australia wide!


Mild purple shampoo designed to reduce brassiness and support cool-toned hair color is great for blonde, silver and grey locks. It helps maintain the intensity of cool-toned hues between salon visits while neutralizing unwanted yellow hues in blonde locks that might otherwise lead to brassiness.

Infused with violet micro-pigments, this mild purple shampoo is an ideal solution for anyone with blonde, silver, or grey hair that has become brassy over time. With just one use it can neutralize brassy tones effectively while being gentle enough for daily use. Furthermore, its nutrients protect and nourish the hair to prevent breakage while locking in moisture for soft and shiny locks.

Goldwell’s FadeStop Formula and Mirabelle Lipid Oil work to prevent color fading, while micro-fluidic technology ensures quick and even distribution of vital care ingredients, protecting against premature color fade out. Incorporating Luminescine technology that converts UV light into visible glow for amplifying hair brilliance, this shampoo comes in at 1000ml size for long-term use; plus it comes sulfate-, paraben- and cruelty free! To use, distribute through wet hair before massaging into lather then rinse thoroughly after which follow up with its matching conditioner that locks moisture in moisture while sealing in moisture and shine – complete set is 1000ml size! Sulfates/paraben/crueful and cruelty free!


Refresh blonde and highlighted hair to increase vibrancy with this toning shampoo designed specifically to tone brassy hues. Utilizing its superior fade stop formula with Mirabelle Lipid Oil to minimize color fade-out while simultaneously providing nourishment to regenerate damaged locks and detangle instantly – as well as neutralize unwanted yellow tones for vibrant reflections of blonde hues.

Goldwell MicroPROtec Complex ensures swift and even distribution of vital care ingredients and protects against color fade-out for blondes. Its lightweight formula contains Luminescine, which transforms invisible UV rays into visible brightness for next-generation color luminosity. The shampoo provides next generation color luminosity for blondes.

Shampoo features a subtle yet delicate aroma of soft citrus combined with jasmine and delicate rose petals for an unforgettable sensory experience. The shampoo’s transformative effects are further complemented by its sensorial journey.

After applying shampoo, rub into wet hair until a rich lather forms before massaging into wet locks for maximum lather production and rinsing thoroughly. For optimal results, follow with Blondes & Highlights Anti-Yellow Conditioner; suitable for natural or chemically lightened blonde, bleached and highlighted hair.


Rediscover the vibrancy of your blonde locks with this luxurious shampoo designed for radiant locks. Infused with Goldwell’s MicroPROtec Complex, it protects against color fade-out while gently caressing delicate cuticles. Plus, its enchanting formula, complete with Luminescine technology that transforms UV light into visible luminosity for vibrant, shimmering locks!

The shampoo gently lifts away impurities while taming unruly locks for a sleek and satiny finish. Its calming fragrance – boasting soft citrus notes, delicate jasmine blossoms, and fragrant rose petals – will leave your locks feeling revitalized and revitalized.

Built for blonde and highlighted hair, this anti-yellow conditioner contains a proprietary combination of Superior Fade Stop formula combined with Mirabelle Lipid Oil designed to combat color fading while neutralizing unwanted yellow tones for radiant blonde reflections. Instant detangling action also offers immediate regenerative care while neutralizing brassy tones for more natural looking color/highlighting services.