Better Not Younger Wake Up Call High Hold Thickening Hair Spray Review

Better Not Younger Wake Up Call High Hold Thickening Hair Spray

Better Not Younger has designed their products with effective ingredients known to aid mature hair, including peptides and proteins that work at strengthening hair roots to promote growth and promote new hair growth.

Bamboo, burdock root and hops come together in their Wake Up Call Blend to nourish thicker-looking locks while also increasing natural volume for a fuller mane.

Strengthens the Hair

This biotin-powered hairspray offers flexible hold and volume. With its precision nozzle directing its formula where needed most. Plus, this formula features skin-nurturing ingredients such as ceramides and niacinamide – compounds proven to increase smoothness, flexibility and promote fuller head of hair appearance according to studies[4].

Better Not Younger incorporates peptides and proteins into its products to strengthen hair. These ingredients work at the structural level to increase elasticity and minimize breakage, while baobab seed extract helps combat dryness and brittleness.

Better Not Younger offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on products purchased directly from their website. Just contact them with your order number, items you wish to return and the reason behind them, and their team will guide you through the return process. Please be aware that Better Not Younger does not accept returns if any part of their products have been opened or used and their focus on age-related hair issues may limit product offerings compared to other brands.

Refreshes the Hair

Better Not Younger is a hair care brand dedicated to meeting the unique needs of women over 40. Their products address concerns such as thinning hair, dryness, lack of elasticity and revitalizing mature strands for lustrous and radiant results.

This lightweight hairspray features a precision nozzle to instantly thicken roots. Packed with skin-nourishing ingredients like ceramide and niacinamide to support scalp health and hair follicles, as well as burdock root extract with anti-inflammatory properties to promote healthy strands, it makes this lightweight hairspray an effective product to use every time!

As part of using Better Not Younger products effectively, it is imperative that users adhere to all instructions provided. Begin by thoroughly wetting your strands with lukewarm water before applying any product and massaging your scalp to increase blood circulation and absorption of ingredients. Finally, rinse until clear water runs clear after using product for best results and follow recommended frequency for usage.

Helps Reduce Frizz

Better Not Younger is a hair care brand designed specifically to meet the needs of mature tresses. Their products provide nourishment and rejuvenation, targeting concerns such as brittle strands and reduced density. In addition, this brand emphasizes rejuvenation while encouraging women to accept themselves fully as they age.

The Better Not Younger range is comprised of high-quality natural ingredients designed to promote healthy hair growth and repair. All its products are free from synthetic ingredients or parabens; many also contain antioxidants to protect against oxidative damage and boost collagen production; plus there are peptides and proteins included to strengthen and fortify strands for a more youthful look.

Before using any Better Not Younger products, it is crucial that you read and follow their directions closely. Also keep in mind that different products have differing recommended usage frequency levels – making sure you use it according to what works for your own hair needs!