Benefits Of Goldwell Hair Care

Benefits Of Goldwell Hair Care

Goldwell products provide salon professionals with professional-grade solutions for improving blonde hair color, strengthening damaged locks and maintaining client styles at home. Discover this brand’s best-selling hair care products as well as how best to utilize them for maximum success.

This product contains IntraLipid Complex to repair hair from within for intensive care and restore elasticity for a healthier look and shine.


Goldwell Dualsenses provides salon-quality results for nourishment and protection, helping you embrace your own style with confidence. Trusted by hairstylists and beloved by customers alike, this range features targeted solutions for brassy tones, extra frizz/dryness issues and limp & lifeless locks – trust us, it works!

This gentle foam shampoo for colour-treated hair provides optimal protection and maintains vibrant hues longer. While its luxurious foam texture gently cleanses locks, Fade Stop Formula actively strengthens anchoring of colour molecules to avoid fade-out and maintain vibrant hues.

Increase and elevate the beauty of your blonde locks with Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights collection. This set contains toning shampoo, conditioner and 60 second treatments designed to revitalize locks instantly while amplifying natural color luminosity for healthy-looking locks.

Glance Collection

Goldwell Glance Collection is specifically tailored for balayage, highlights and other lightening services. This product helps minimize damage and breakage by strengthening hair bonds and adding moisture. Furthermore, it increases color vibrancy for improved results when combined with BondPro+. For optimal results use both products simultaneously.

BondPro+ is an affordable hair treatment designed by Goldwell that can be added on as part of any service, protecting and strengthening hair by reconnecting broken disulfide bonds in your locks. A great budget-friendly alternative to Olaplex. For use, apply BondPro+ Protection Serum prior to dyeing or lightening services before finishing with Step 2 Nourishing Fortifier to nourish the locks for renewed vitality.

Pair BondPro+ with Topchic, Nectaya or Colourance for oxidative color services. Additionally, this works great when used alongside other Goldwell products like Dualsenses or Kerasilk Reconstruct.


Goldwell products are exclusive to salons and feature gentle technologies designed for hair. This commitment helps make their products well-researched and effective.

Goldwell products provide healthy-looking results without leaving hair feeling parched and damaged like many drugstore formulas can. For instance, their System Bond Pro+ 2 Nourishing Fortifier strengthens and nourishes fragile locks to prevent breakage during lightening, coloring or alkaline texturizing services.

Goldwell products are known for reconnecting broken disulfide bonds to strengthen and nourish hair, leaving it stronger and healthier than before. If you’re uncertain of which product best meets your needs, consult an expert.

Kerasilk Reconstruct

Goldwell offers reliable and effective haircare products to treat all types of hair. Their shampoo products contain essential nourishing ingredients to strengthen locks, increase color vibrancy, address dryness or dull color issues and more.

This luxurious shampoo features the ideal combination of Keratin, Silk Essence, and Hyaloveil to intensively nourish and strengthen hair structure, fortifying, rebuilding and improving resilience. Ideal for damaged locks due to overprocessing, hot tools or environmental influences; leaves hair soft, shiny and supple.

Goldwell coloring range offers endless opportunities with their holistic color system. Ranging from high-performance permanent hues like Topchic, to gentle toning treatments such as Oxycur and Elumen for gentle toning needs; they have something suitable for every shade need! Their one-of-a-kind depot can system allows for easy dosing with less mess while also facilitating accurate application, guaranteeing great results every time!