The Best Blond Colorist in Montreal

Blond is an iconic color, representing femininity, glamor, and style. If you want to change up your look or add subtle highlights, we offer all of the hair coloring techniques necessary for success.

Tanya regularly attends advanced training courses offered by L’Oreal Professionnel Paris to stay abreast of industry trends and enhance her skill set. Her clients trust her because of the rigor with which she approaches her profession.


Tanya is part of the Denali coven along with Kate, Eleazar, Carmen, and her late sister Irina who died before Tanya joined. She considers Kate her sister; similarly to the Cullen family she practices vegetarianism eating only wild animal blood as food.

Tanya initially has a playful crush on Edward; however, she soon realizes he does not reciprocate these feelings and still remains affectionate toward him even after he marries Bella.

Tanya can be seen fighting alongside her family members during the battle between Volturi and Cullens in Breaking Dawn, and appears to have an edge over her opponents. When Caius attempts to grab her, Tanya uses her power and stuns him before walking away. Later she apologizes to Carlisle’s parents for their lack of action against Victoria’s army; and offers to host Carlisle in her coven as Carlisle is away on business. Tanya invites Carlisle back as Carlisle himself has extended family in Carlisle’s absence as Carlisle has extended Carlisle into Carlisle’s extended family; inviting all his brothers and sisters as Carlisle’s extended family; inviting Carlisle’s fathers as Carlisle has extended Carlisle’s extended family along with Carlisle’s to stay.


David Cale has proven he can write an engaging thriller (we loved his affecting memoir We’re Only Alive for a Short Amount of Time and its companion piece Harry Clarke), yet Sandra proves too overstuffed with plot points for its listeners’ benefit, leaving listeners lost at sea in turbulent waters. Marjan Neshat’s captivating performance proves itself the only saving grace.

Gimlet Media’s seven-episode drama takes Sandra on an adventure that spans from America to Mexico and into ever greater peril, though its narrative pace doesn’t offer as much suspenseful thrills than would make for great reading material – though some intense scenes make for thrilling theater.

While searching for her missing friend in Mexico, Sandra becomes involved in an intense affair with Luca, an intriguing younger hunk who sparks her sexuality again after years in an unhappy marriage. Unfortunately, his apparent innocence turns out to be false as Sandra discovers he may have connections to his friend that lead back to an unknown killer.


Irina is a master hairdresser & colorist specializing in updos. She stays up-to-date on European trends to incorporate into her craft, providing manicure & pedicure services for her clients for an unparalleled salon experience. Irina’s determination & ambition led her to Montreal where she established an extensive clientele as a stylist, nail technician, manicurist – passionate about her craft she will give you the look that perfectly complements your personality!