How to Color Correct Hair That’s Been Colored Incorrectly

An improper dye job can be disastrous. A botched dye job could leave your locks looking blotchy, brassy and green-tinged; less significantly it might result in blonde strands that are one shade too light.

Fixing your situation may seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be impossible. Knowing what steps are needed and when will help ensure success.

Know When Your Hair Needs Color Correction

If you’re in the mood to experiment with bold new hair colors, it is wiser to visit a professional stylist with experience and skills who can deliver what you desire – otherwise you risk an ugly, coppery mess that doesn’t even complement your skin tone!

Color correction services involve lightening hair, pre-pigmenting it and neutralizing any unwanted tones or shades in an effort to bring balance back to its coloring. Unfortunately, it can often be costly, time consuming, and may damage your locks if conducted incorrectly.

If your hair color has been fading rapidly due to sun exposure or harsh shampoos, scheduling a color correction appointment might be in order. Here, your stylist can add pigment back into the strands in order to add vibrancy back into the hue and prevent further fading over time! Just be sure to follow up with a toner and use color safe products and treatments afterwards for best results.

Do It At Home

No matter your source of pain when it comes to hair coloring, brassy tones or bizarre orange roots can be embarrassing and discouraging. But before giving up and opting for wearing a hat instead, remember that even the worst color disasters are fixable with some patience and the appropriate products.

If your hair dyed blonde came out brassy or orange-tinged, try applying a toner product. This will help balance out the warmth in your locks until you can book an in-person color correction session.

Based on what went wrong with your color, you may need to lighten or darken it further; however, this task should usually be left in the hands of professionals as this ensures optimal results and keeps your locks healthy during this process.

Wait a While

If it has been several days since your last color appointment and brassy or yellow tones have started appearing in your locks, contact a salon that specializes in hair coloring correction immediately. These experts know exactly what needs to be done in order to reverse any box dye mishap.

If your strands ended up too light after bleaching, this means the bleach wasn’t left on long enough to lift unwanted pigments from your locks. In such an instance, one way to remedy this situation would be dying your locks darker – either matching up with or one shade lighter than your natural hue can provide the desired outcome.

If your locks have become brassy or yellow-toned, a color correction service could be just what is necessary to bring back to their desired tone. Pre-lightening the roots, mid-shafts, and ends before applying a toner may help neutralize excessive warmth; an experienced stylist will know just what steps to take in order to restore cool hues to the hair strands.

Go to a Professional Stylist

After experiencing a color disaster, consulting with a stylist is often your best bet to getting back on the right path. An experienced stylist knows how to lighten hair, pre-pigment it and neutralize unwanted shades; plus they use toner to remove brassy tones, red tones, green tones and so much more!

Color correction specialists may be worth their weight in gold. By doing so, they’ll be able to assess the extent of damage in your hair and offer solutions on how best to repair it.

When selecting a stylist, reviews online should be your go-to resource. Read what people have had to say about their experiences with the salon and if their appointments provided satisfactory results or not. A great stylist will listen and explain everything clearly while developing a plan tailored specifically to you; additionally they should always be upfront with pricing as coloring hair can be both costly and time consuming process.