Kerastase Shampoo and Conditioner For Dry Hair

kerastase shampoo and conditioner for dry hair

If your hair feels dull and lifeless, it could be missing essential nutrients. To address this problem, there are various kerastase shampoo and conditioner products designed specifically to combat dry hair that may help.

This leave-in conditioner serves both as a heat protectant and shine booster, leaving your locks soft and silky-smooth after styling with blow dryer. Perfect for anyone who regularly blow dries their locks!

Nutritive range

Kerastase Nutritive range is an essential product for dry hair. Formulated to nourish strands from root to tip, its powerful products address deficiencies in both nutrition and dryness from its formulation to delivery.

This range features cleansing oil shampoo, beautifying conditioner and nourishing hair mask products designed to replenish moisture levels for irresistibly smooth strands. In addition, Elixir Ultime Rose hair oil offers another level of pampering.

Kerastase Bain Satin 1, specifically developed to nourish dry hair, offers cleansing with intense nourishment. Furthermore, the Kerastase Aura Botanica Huile Fraiche oil mist provides both damp and dry hair hydration for soft and smooth strands; made up of 99% naturally-derived oils including coconut, argan and jojoba as well as organic damask rose floral water for up to 72-hour hydration.

Nutritive Bain Satin 1

Shampoo designed specifically to cleanse and nourish dry hair, this formula blends glucose, proteins and lipids to restore the nutritive balance of hair fibre from root to tip. With genuine energy boost for each fiber as well as protection from oxidation prolonging nourishment for longer-lasting nourishment; creating soft texture while increasing shine.

Outstanding nutrition shampoo designed specifically to treat dry and sensitized hair. Gently cleanses while deeply replenishing fibre, improving nutrition with Gluco-Active 2, an innovative nutritive ingredient which deeply nourishes, detangles, removes impurities and boosts nutritive effectiveness while Niacinamide strengthens and locks in all the nutriments for stronger locks.

Bain Satin 1 should be applied to wet hair and scalp, massaged using flat hands, emulsified, rinsed thoroughly and followed with your favourite Kerastase hair mask for best results. As an additional pre-cleanse step before Masquintense treatments this product is recommended as suitable for normal to slightly dry hair types.

Elixir Ultime Preparatory Oil

Elixir Ultime Preparatory Oil will pamper and smooth out your hair for a soft and luxurious finish, protecting from frequent styling cosmetics like blow drying, straighteners or curling iron use and protecting strands against damage caused by overstyling products such as blow drys.

Corn, argan and camellia oils combine in this formula to nourish and shine up your locks in an unparalleled manner. Kerastase hairdressers love it because it can be used as a blow dry serum, dry gloss finish or mask booster to give clients’ locks an amazing halo of radiant radiance.

This 5-ounce balm product is suitable for all types of hair and makes a must-have addition to your haircare regime. Add it to any Kerastase mask before applying it on your locks to increase shine, fluidity and movement and boost shine levels and fluidity.

Discipline Fondant Fluidealiste

This daily conditioner for unruly hair instantly transforms it to be softer, smoother and more fluid in an instant. Featuring Morpho-KeratinTM technology to restore inner flexibility while weightlessly disciplining outer fibers for improved movement while protecting from humidity up to 72 hours later. Softening agents leave your locks soft to touch while lipids smooth surface area for an anti-frizz effect without leaving it feeling sticky or stringy.

After washing with Bain Fluidealiste, apply a quarter sized amount to wet hair (mid-lengths and ends), massaging in evenly. Leave in for 2-3 minutes then emulsify and rinse thoroughly – suitable for all types of unruly locks.