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buy kerastase canada

Kerastase is a premium haircare brand offering cutting-edge products to achieve that just-out-of-salon look. Their products feature high-performance ingredients with luxurious properties and feature unique hair rituals designed specifically for them.

They believe beauty care should always empower, rather than marginalise its consumers, which is why since 2015 they have committed themselves to sustainability and have made great strides toward integrating it into their products, packaging and merchandising materials.

Founded in 1964

Kerastase has an unparalleled track record in haircare innovation. They invented professional luxury care that is tailored specifically to each scalp and hair type – their “care-first philosophy” being one of their core values.

Kerastase Consultant Stylists understand that every woman’s beauty needs differ, and will work to tailor an in-salon ritual and home care program to her specific requirements. Beautiful hair speaks volumes about you; let them help reveal it through transformative experiences tailored specifically for you!

Kerastase, as an eco-conscious brand, chooses ingredients with high rates of biodegradability to lower its environmental impact and recycle/reduce water waste at their production facility. They’re also part of Nature Canada’s Women for Nature initiative that brings Canadians closer to nature.

Innovator of care for hair

Since its founding, Kerastase advanced research has challenged traditional understandings of hair to create salon-exclusive professional products and treatments that go far beyond conventional salon norms. From luxury shampoos and conditioners to styling products designed to strengthen and protect against breakage-prone strands, each series of Kerastase’s advanced research products has been designed with you in mind and comes from their unique understanding of individual hair needs and concerns.

Kerastase’s luxurious hair care brand takes great strides in creating innovative solutions to keep your locks looking their best long after leaving the salon. Their Chronologiste series helps fight signs of aging on both scalp and hair with Abyssine, Hyaluronic acid and Adenosine; for those experiencing thinning hair the Kerastase Densifique series provides density support using Stemoxydine Complex Glycan and Texturing Polymer products.

Discipline offers the perfect remedy to frizz-prone hair with its blend of argan, camellia and pracaxi oils, while Fusio-Dose home lab gives you access to transformative in-salon treatments via its take-home kit. Finally, Aura Botanica collection contains organic-rich botanicals and essential oils that give your mane an illuminating glow for a healthy look.

A care-first philosophy

Kerastase believes beautiful hair is a reflection of one’s health and wellbeing, which can be seen through their products such as Chronologiste to nourish and combat signs of aging and Nutritive for dry hair care. This philosophy can be seen throughout their offerings.

Each product from this brand has been carefully developed to deliver optimal results for every individual, while their dedication to health and beauty can be seen in their use of ingredients like vitamins and minerals that nourish hair from within instead of simply plumping it up on the surface.

Kerastase’s philosophy of care-first extends far beyond their products to women everywhere and our planet itself. Since 2015, they have taken significant strides toward sustainability through formulae, packaging and merchandising materials – including packaging material! Kerastase will continue to innovate and empower beauty. Discover new ways of loving your locks at one of Belli Belli Salons located downtown Edmonton; call now and schedule an appointment with one of their certified K stylists!