Beauty Salon and Barber Shop Montreal Opens Again

After three months of closure due to COVID-19 regulations, Montreal beauty salons and barber shops are opening again – here’s where to go for that fresh cut, new style or relaxing spa day experience you’ve been longing for.

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Barber Shop Montreal Mobile Service

If you need a haircut but can’t make time to visit us yourself, we offer house call services to cut all your family members’ hair at once. Our service is both cost-effective and convenient – simply book an appointment online or over the phone so as not to forget your appointment and need to reschedule later!

Irish barber Lenny White uses flashing jukeboxes playing oldies and the aroma of lemon-laced Turkish cologne to create a sensory experience for his dementia clients. He takes his mobile barber shop into nursing homes, hospitals and day centers in order to jog their memories as their hair or beards are cut or shaved; memories could include anything from their favorite musician or where they danced long ago to details about where their haircut or beard shave took place – something they all love immensely! His clients range from early-onset dementia all the way through late stages of Alzheimer’s; all love him immensely.

Adult Haircuts

Adult haircuts offer many options. From adding texture or camouflaging thinning areas with layers, to coloring your locks to cover gray or change color slightly; and even drastic options like ombre or balayage, adults have plenty of choices when it comes to styling their locks.

No matter your gender identity, there is sure to be a stylist that fits perfectly for you. From haircuts and styling services, coloring, styling, waxing and wax removal – to barber services! Check the salon reviews or social media to see what others have had to say.

TIP YOUR STYLIST/BARBER WHENEVER YOU RECEIVE SERVICES or have your haircut. This will show your appreciation while building relationships between service providers.

Kids Haircuts

An unpleasant haircut experience for children can be stressful. Hearing clippers, combs and scissors jar their senses into fight or flight mode and result in screaming and squirming. To reduce meltdowns, distract children with toys or games or use screens with kid-friendly videos or cartoons as distractions; bring along any favorite stuffed animals or blankets for comforting purposes.

Milk and Cookies Kids Spa and Salon provides treats-inspired treatments for the young ones in its care, including hair services. Kids can relax in transportation-themed chairs such as trains, fire engines and police cruisers while watching television while receiving simple cuts from experienced stylists. In addition, this salon also provides optional extras like hair extensions and braids as well as first haircut packages.

Family Haircuts

Prepping the entire family for an adventure requires considerable planning. Part of that preparation involves selecting haircuts for everyone; there are a few salons in Montreal offering family haircuts to assist with this task.

No matter your grooming needs – classic cuts or retro shaves – this barber shop has something for you. Additionally, their premium service and meticulous attention to detail is unrivaled and gift cards can even be purchased!

This Montreal barbershop offers a modern take on traditional salon services with their own twist. Decorated with skateboards, crosses, and other images to create a fun environment, they also provide free wifi passes and flat-screen television for clients and have free wifi passes available for download as well as flat screen television for viewers. Clientele ranges from professionals to students alike while services include haircuts, colouring, micro blading as well as selling their own product line of shampoos conditioners and waxes – an experience not to be missed!