Balayage Hair Color 2024 Trends

Start 2018 off right by updating your beauty look, especially your hair color. With 2024 hair color trends like these sure to inspire change or just refresh your hue, now’s the time for change!

Rooty balayage combines your natural hue with lighter highlights for an eye-catching melted gradient effect, making this trend an excellent way to extend the length between touch-up appointments.

Smoky Silver

Now that the New Year is upon us, many are inspired to start off 2024 in style by changing up their look with something bold and new. If a major haircut or bang trim aren’t part of your plan, try one of these bold hair color ideas for added drama!

1. Easy-to-Manage Bronde

This balayage technique creates an easy, natural-looking gradient of blonde shades for an easy style that requires less maintenance – an ideal solution for those seeking an alternative to full ombre commitment. Dorram describes it as being low maintenance as well as needing less touchups.

Dorram predicts we’ll see an upswing in more subdued, sophisticated tones like cherry cola brunette (sometimes known as chocolate cherry or cherry coke). This eye-catching shade pairs beautifully with the current balayage trend on TikTok and red carpet events.


Tortoiseshell balayage hair color trends of 2024 include tortoiseshell. This gentler version of previous years’ drastic ombre trends includes warm tones for an authentic marbled effect.

This smoky balayage style works especially well on brunettes with olive skin. It provides the ideal way to revitalise a rich, chocolatey bronde without losing its allure; ribbons of honey balayage weaved through a chocolate brown base add subtle dimension and great shine.

This subtler balayage technique is easy to maintain and creates that timeless lived-in platinum look, while providing you with a classic lived-in platinum hue. This is also an excellent solution for those unsure if they want to commit to bold single-process blonde shades; hair colorist Cyd Charisse describes this style as being more “subtle and subtle than traditional balayage. Ideal for creating sun-kissed beachy locks.”

Ashy Blonde

If platinum feels too cold, try this warmer variation: Smoky Ash Blonde offers the ideal mix of honey and caramel hues; especially lovely on straight and silky strands with natural waves or in a bob cut style.

To achieve a less dramatic change, opt for a money piece balayage style which highlights lighter parts of your hair to draw focus to your eyes and draw the eyeballs inwards. This look can easily be maintained and suits various hair textures.

2024 will see many popular balayage hair color trends such as buttercream blonde and mushroom brown; both warmer variations of cooler blonde shades with subtle undertones. Copper and auburn hues will remain top trends, with international superstar Dua Lipa proving that bronde hues will continue to reign supreme.

Strawberry Blonde

Trying strawberry blonde highlights may help natural redheads achieve lighter looks with minimal maintenance requirements and look natural and lived-in.

Enhance your blonde look this year with rich caramel balayage – it adds sophistication that looks stunning with beachy waves or flowing bob styles!

Copper hair may be trending now, but cherry cola should also be on your radar in 2024. Cherry cola’s rosey hue pairs beautifully with warm tones found in leather, denim and autumnal makeup looks for a timeless fall look.

Dimensional Red

Experience an exhilarating journey this year as you embark on the Dimension and Discovery trend! This trend mixes dark hues with lighter tones for depth and movement within your hairstyle, whether subtle or bold – creating customized looks to accentuate your unique beauty!

Once seen on TikTok, now you can wear this eye-catching style in real life! This balayage hair color blends warm caramel hues with rich chocolate browns for an eye-catching sun-kissed effect – the ideal way to bring natural luminosity without overshadowing your natural complexion.

At its core, this low-maintenance balayage works perfectly on any length or texture of hair. Simply keep hydrating with weekly hair masks for optimal results! In no time you will be ready to take on the world!