Yonka Skin Care Canada’s Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale Yonka Skin Care Canada

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Yon-Ka Paris is a beauty brand designed for those who prioritize skincare. Their product lineup provides solutions for acne, dark spots, wrinkles as well as hydration and sun care needs.

Emulsion Pure

Yon-Ka Quintessence essential oils have an impressive blend of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme that help purify skin in this alcohol-free fluid. It helps calm breakouts by controlling excess sebum production as well as heal scars faster and helps regenerate and repair itself faster than any other product can.

Emulsions are ideal for normal skin types as they provide an intermediate step between essence toner and cream and provide much-needed hydration for dry patches.

As an ex-Yon-Ka employee herself, espy’s owner Megan is an avid supporter of this brand and its products. Her favourite is Emulsion Pure which she uses as a compress for any area with sunburn or other types of irritation, like after waxing treatments or to help bruises heal faster. Plus it can also be applied directly onto hair or scalp to relieve itchy scalp conditions!

Hydra No. 1 Serum

Hydrate deeply dehydrated skin with this rich serum formulated with hyaluronic acid for instantaneous relief and regeneration. Its gel cream texture penetrates quickly while its formula includes anti-dehydration ingredients such as Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract, Vitamins E & C as well as Aloe Vera to reverse visible signs of dehydration while stimulating regeneration.

This ultra-hydrating gel-fluid is the ideal emergency remedy for extremely dehydrated skin. With its long-acting hydration activating complex, this soothing, creamy and refreshing gel texture is loaded with double doses of hyaluronic acid light, imperata cylindrica grass extract and aloe vera as natural humectants – the perfect combination to revive severely dehydrated skin!

Laboratoires Multaler established Yon-Ka Paris in 1954 with their innovative phyto-aromatic skincare, using plants and essential oils from nature to achieve radiant, healthy looking skin. All Yon-Ka Paris products are nearly entirely natural, while also contributing towards sustainable practices; in addition, Yon-Ka Paris products address specific skin issues like acne, dark spots and wrinkles for optimal skin.

Emulsion Purifiante

Yon-Ka Quintessence-rich moisturizer that purifies and regenerates with ease! A non-greasy, oil-free emulsion that moisturizes skin while purifying and rejuvenating using Yon-Ka Quintessence for even, radiant complexions – helping prevent breakouts while leaving complexion looking brighter than ever! Perfect addition to any skincare regime!

Eisenberg Pure White Emulsion is designed for oily and problematic skin types. It helps refine enlarged pores while regulating sebum production with daisy flower extract and vitamin C. In addition, it helps fade unattractive marks left behind from healed acne and blackheads as it also contains anti-inflammatories to diminish any unsightliness left behind from healing acne or blackheads.

Emulsions can benefit any skin type, as they come in various formulations to target specific complaints. For instance, those suffering from acne could opt for one with salicylic acid while those experiencing dryness could use products containing humectant ingredients like hyaluronic acid that attract water molecules to hydrate their skin more efficiently. Emulsions also make an excellent choice for sensitive skin as they’re less likely to trigger inflammation than creams.


Masks for all skin types are readily available, targeting issues like hydration, dark spots, wrinkles, acne and more. Formulated using clay and essential oils, these masks help purify, balance and relax congested, stressed skin while simultaneously providing nourishment to it and providing relief from discomfort.

Yon-Ka is one of the oldest and finest skincare manufacturers today, boasting its headquarters in Paris, France. Their products have been featured in Elle, Allure and Women’s Health publications; using only high-grade natural and organically grown plant-based ingredients.

Yon-Ka is an eco-friendly brand offering skincare, body care and suncare products with an elegant appeal. Offering eco-friendly production while giving back to the environment – definitely an impressive list! Don’t pass up this opportunity – check it out now!