Woman Short Hair Styles Trends 2024

Short haircuts exude confidence and ease, and are suitable for women of all ages. Offering various styles to choose from, short cuts allow for creating many different looks to flatter any face shape.

Katharine wears this adorable pixie cut to highlight her beautiful brown eyes in an understated and feminine way. With lightly tousled strands and an attractive fringe, this trendy yet casual style makes styling simple!

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is an iconic style, timeless and chic. This one-length cut frames the face with its straight edge and works for any hair texture or density; adding volume and texture to thinner locks while giving thicker locks definition and drama; it even helps control natural textured waves and curls!

Just adding some balayage highlights will instantly elevate the look of a blunt bob and make it more luxurious. If you want an eye-catching style that complements your beautiful eyes perfectly, this style may be for you!

Maintaining this style requires extra upkeep, so be sure to visit your hairdresser every four weeks for trims and touch-ups. For optimal health and shine use a detoxifying shampoo such as Kerastase Elixir Ultime for maximum effect.

Curly Waves

Attracting attention with its natural vibrancy and allure, this short wavy hairstyle is perfect for those with naturally curly locks. Simply use some styling cream and texture spray for effortless style! It looks fantastic too!

This luxurious head of waves frames and flatters the face, adding volume to a slim profile. A subtle shade of blonde with an ombre technique from pale blonde to warm brown at the tips is ideal for this fashionable cut.

Fashionistas who desire an impactful look often opt for this stylish hairdo. An off-centre parting tucked neatly behind the ear creates an eye-catching profile while simultaneously looking both chic and casual!

Mega Crop

For an eye-catching cut that will turn heads, consider opting for the mega crop cut. Tyler Moore from London’s Live True salon suggests this no-frills style featuring one blunt length across the chin that works on all hair types.

This cheekbone-skimming style creates beautiful symmetry and can be worn either with or without bangs. To frame your face like Rosamund Pike and Zendaya respectively, opt for a side part and smooth back your locks behind your ears (rather than keeping them down behind them). Or try tucking one side into an ear to show off earrings.

Shaggy Hairstyles

Long shags offer a practical yet fashionable wash-and-wear style, like Cindy does here with her sweet side-swept fringe that creates interesting asymmetry and complements her dark base colour with copper highlights.

Medium shags can range from soft and romantic to punk rock and edgy, like this chin-length version with short face-framing layers. The caramel color adds subtle movement while adding texture – creating an alluring, timeless look!

The New Year marks a great opportunity for you to kick-start afresh and try something different – perhaps a haircut would help boost your confidence and update your style?

Side Bangs

Adding bangs is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give your look an update without making drastic changes, whether that means blunt, choppy or soft and wispy styles. Bangs add flair and dimension that any styled individual would benefit from adding to their look.

If you want to slim down your cheekbones or add some flair, try Bridget Bardot-inspired long bangs. This style features long fringes starting in the center that gradually get longer around the eyes for a look that strikes a balance between sophistication and playfulness. Curly hair users should find this low maintenance option perfect, according to Sophie Rose Gutterman who states it looks good no matter the texture.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is one of the easiest styles to maintain, requiring little or no styling. Additionally, it works wonders in creating the appearance of fuller locks for those with thin locks.

If you’re wary about going all-out short, try opting for a shaved side with longer fringe. This asymmetric style accentuates your facial structure with flattering height and provides a chic bleached blonde finish.

John Cena embodies an iconic rocker look with this high and tight style featuring layers. While still short on the sides and back, this on-trend look combines both styles for maximum rocker appeal.