There are a number of different types of hair products on the market that claim to be ‘smoothing’ agents but none quite hold the title as well as some of the newer compounds which have recently been developed. The term ‘smoothing agent’ is applied to a variety of different compounds, some of which you might expect and others you might not. When talking about hair products, the term smoothing agents is often used to describe products such as Smooth, Rub and Chamomile and are intended to provide that final ‘cushioning’ layer which provides a smooth feel.


Some of the more popular names include Biotene, Sugar Free, TruMist and Harmony shampoo, conditioner. However, despite some of these ‘smoothing agents’ being very effective at this particular role they are unlikely to be able to offer a full range of cleaning, styling or conditioning services as these are better provided by a suitable hair product designed for this purpose.

Other cosmetics that can be used to provide extra benefits to your hair include Drybar, Bestline and the likes and they all claim to provide a real advantage when it comes to using Pomade products. In many ways these products are aimed specifically at those hair care products that have been formulated to use natural ingredients and therefore don’t contain any added fragrances or fillers. It is only natural then that these alternatives would be able to offer some much needed benefits when it comes to Pomade and the treatment of hair loss.

The truth is that there are plenty of styles and hair care items that are extremely effective when it comes to hair loss solutions but there are few that really take the edge off the situation. For example some of the regular conditioners available from most retailers and hair care products seem to provide the same benefits as Pomade but can easily be thrown away once they have been applied. All too often the ‘pomade effect’ is completely forgotten and it is only the next product that seems to solve the problem for ever.

The question naturally becomes, how do we get around this particular problem and find something that provides the same level of protection when it comes to hair loss? This is why some of the latest developments in hair products are so significant and allow Pomade and other styling products to be as good as new. Many of the newest ingredients have been developed using the latest research in functional keratin and have been designed to supply properties that provide the same smoothing effects without the cost and added risk of using harmful chemicals.

Of course the question will still remain, just how much better can a Pomade hair care product actually be when it comes to improving the look and feel of your hair? The answer is that some of the newest versions are almost unrecognisable from the originals and provide just as much protection and even offer a level of moisture. However, there is no doubt that the natural structure of these new formulas are far more stable and come with a far lower risk of clogging up.

This is an important point for anyone to remember when it comes to looking at the development of these new formulas. While many people tend to overlook the need for a product to last on a daily basis, they will also realise that it is the longevity of their hair and the health of their hair that really matters. It may seem somewhat counter-intuitive but the longer a product remains in the environment the better chance that it will reduce the problems that it has to deal with over time.

So, when it comes to choosing the right type of product for you a new Pomade formula can offer all the benefits of the original without all the risks of breaking the bank or using chemicals that could leave you feeling irritated and worse. It is possible to easily have the best hair care experience possible by using a hair care product that uses a high quality formula that contains 100% all natural ingredients. This is certainly something worth keeping in mind as an alternative to spending money on every week.

Author: mtlhairsalon