The Best Barber Shop Near Me

best barber shop near me montreal

Montreal offers many excellent barber shops to meet all of your barbering needs. These salons specialize in grooming beards while providing premium services, while being recognized for their special ambiances.

Finding an experienced barber requires asking around, getting recommendations from family and friends as well as reading online reviews.

Atelier d’Alfred

Atelier d’Alfred is a premier barbershop that provides clients with quality services and products, in an atmosphere that’s both clean and inviting. Their trained barbers offer an assortment of haircuts including fades. Furthermore, students receive discounted services.

This Montreal barbershop specializes in classic cuts and beard styles for gentlemen. Their expert barbers are always on the lookout for new trends in male fashion, offering products for sale like hair care products as well as beard grooming products.

Atelier d’Alfred stands out among Montreal’s premier barbershops due to its outstanding reputation for high-quality work and customer service, its staff being friendly and helpful; services offered include barbering, massage therapy and facial hair removal.

Maison Privee Vieux

This Montreal barber shop is well-known for its eclectic styles, authentic approach, and strong dedication to maintaining traditional men’s grooming traditions. They provide services including shaves, haircuts and neck shaves; in addition they have a lounge area complete with Playstation, movies and chess. Finally they use Square Point of Sale system which makes payments and tips easier.

Oliver Kult co-founded his business with a mission to revolutionize the barbershop experience, creating an environment blending culture, music, and unrivaled love of men’s grooming. Since its conception, Kult’s vision has come to fruition with him winning both domestic and international awards for creating such an environment as well as developing his own line of products to help customers look their best – not forgetting complimentary drinks and iced whiskey as part of his services!

La Chapelle

La Chapelle Wine Cellar offers an exquisite selection of legendary Northern Rhone producers as well as time-honored flagship cuvees from every century past and presents. In addition, this company provides access to rare vintages from all around the globe.

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Blue Dog

Blue Dog is a place where people come together for drinks and parties. Additionally, its barbershop provides hot towel shaves. Their Royal Deluxe treatment, including haircut and whiskey or beer, has become immensely popular – drawing over 12591 checkins on Facebook alone! Located on St-Laurent Blvd near UBC it has quickly become one of the must-visit spots.

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KRWN Barber Shop in Montreal stands out as an elite barber shop, providing top-of-the-line services and grooming products. Offering traditional haircuts and beard trims alongside gift cards that make an ideal present on Father’s Day or other occasions.

At their cozy shop in an affordable atmosphere, they provide gentlemen’s classic cuts and traditional beard trimming. In addition, they carry their own range of hair care and beard care products.

At New Concordia University, this salon has been recognized by customers as the premier Montreal barber shop. Their expert barbers provide exceptional services in a friendly and casual atmosphere while offering everything from fades to designs. In addition, customers receive free wifi passes as well as a flat-screen TV.