Permanent Eyelash Extensions

permanent eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are safe and non-toxic if applied correctly; to do this safely means avoiding products like mascara or skin care oils that might interfere with bond formation such as mascara or oil-based cleansers.

Before scheduling an appointment at any salon, always inquire about the ingredients used in their lash glue as this could prevent allergies and infections from developing.


Eyelash extensions offer many advantages, the main one being timesaving by eliminating the need to apply and remove makeup every morning and evening. Furthermore, their application process is non-painful and takes only around an hour and a half – you can even sleep during this process if desired!

It is crucial that eyelash extensions take 48 hours after application for their glue to fully set, so during this period avoid getting wet through showering, swimming and hot tub use. Doing so will protect against weakening of glue which would result in premature fallout of extensions.

Although rare, it’s possible to experience an allergic reaction to the glue used for eyelash extensions. This may lead to itching and burning around the eyes as well as a rash that oozes or crusts over. To minimize risk and ensure an allergy-free experience with extensions, always conduct a patch test prior to getting extensions done; also avoid rubbing your eyes or tugging at them while getting extensions applied.


Eyelash extensions can be costly; in fact, they’re often an investment worth making. Prices range anywhere from $100-500 depending on what kind of lashes you want and your esthetician’s expertise.

They typically last 6-8 weeks before falling off naturally with your natural lashes, making regular touch ups necessary to ensure an even look and avoid sparse spots. Infill prices usually range between 50-70% of full set prices.

Make sure not to choose the cheapest options as they may use low-grade glue and materials that could cause your natural eyelashes to shed prematurely. Instead, conduct careful research before selecting an esthetician. Don’t be shy about spending more on someone with excellent reviews; after all, this time saved will allow for more restful morning routines while saving hours spent doing makeup – something better spent doing rather than sleeping!


Eyelash extensions require ongoing care, including frequent touch ups. A full set may take anywhere between 90 to 180 minutes to apply; refills typically take less time but may still take an extended amount of time than their initial installation.

Make sure that you arrive with clean skin and no eye makeup (this includes mascara and eyeliner). After lying down for some hours while the lash technician attaches little feathery nothings to your lids, socially acceptable sleeping may occur during this service.

After your session, it is recommended to wait 48 hours after water exposure for the glue to set properly on your lashes. Also be wary of touching or rubbing them as this could transfer germs directly into your eyes and lead to infection – instead use oil-free makeup wipes or an appropriate cleanser made for lash extensions as alternatives.


Eyelash extensions aren’t harmful, but you should be aware of some possible issues:

Due to allergies triggered by eyelash glue or extension fibers (usually composed of nylon, silk or mink hair) an allergic contact dermatitis reaction occurs causing itchy, burning rashes near the eyes that causes discomfort.

Blinking is a natural reflex designed to keep foreign particles out of our eyes and distribute teardrops across their surface, keeping us hydrated and keeping them comfortable. If your eyelash extensions are too long or heavy, they could hinder this natural reflex leading to itchy, watery eyes with dry skin around the eyes.

To protect against infection caused by poor hygiene standards in salons or other cosmetic environments. Rubbing the eyes can pull out natural lashes and cause allergic reactions; to mitigate these risks make sure your lash technician works in an environment with strict hygiene protocols in place; inquire as to their ingredients as well as sterilization methods before scheduling an appointment.