Keratine Thermaheal – Hair Loss Prevention

Keratine Thermaheal is a new keratine based emulsion which when applied to your hair will protect it from heat damage whilst nourishing it at the same time. Its unique formula consists of Keratin protein that has been modified for improved results. This then creates a ‘platelet rich’ structure for the keratin, this then helps in the increase of collagen and elastin production to prevent further hair loss or thinning. In addition, the protein in the emulsion also allows for the increase in the number of hyaluronic acid which is the glue that holds the polymer together, allowing for greater stability. This will in turn help to give better looking results and prevents further hair loss or thinning.

The Emulsion consists of Keratin proteins that when combined work as one to form the greatest shield against heat damage that there is. This then works by penetrating deeply through the cuticle and plumping up the shaft of the hair giving a thicker look and feel. It also helps to fill up fine lines and wrinkles making the strands look fuller and thicker. Although this product protects against heat, it does not cause any harm to the natural oil found in your hair and also works well with any type of hair.

Many people suffer from heat damage on a daily basis. Heat damage can be caused by straightening or blow drying your hair. Also over use of curling irons, curling iron extensions and straightening hot styling tools like blow dryers. These types of activities are all bad for your hair because over heating will damage your hair and weaken it so more frequent heat protecting treatments are needed. This is where Keratine Thermaheal comes into the picture.

It is gentle to your hair and great at providing its own internal protection. Another fantastic thing about Keratine Thermaheal is that it acts as an anti aging pigment and will greatly help protect your hair from sun damage. As we age our hair becomes more delicate and thinner so protection is very important. Not only does Keratine Heel-Heal help protect your hair from sun damage but it also acts as a conditioning agent helping the hair recover faster. By conditioning the hair it makes it healthier and stronger and will grow back faster.

When you have more damaged hair Keratine Thermaheal works even better at making your hair grow back thicker and healthier. The conditioner also aids in the growth of new hair. This is what most people want when their hair begins to thin or falls out. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on different hair products when you have this product. If you have had thinning or shedding for a while then it is time to give Keratine Heel-Heal a try.

There are many people that are saying that Keratine Thermaheal is the best conditioner that they have ever used. They say that it makes their hair healthier, shinier and more beautiful. If you want to get the same results from Keratine Heel-Heal then I would suggest that you buy it. The results will surprise you.