Kerastase Shampoo For Curly Hair

Sulfate free shampoo designed specifically for all curly hair types that provides gentle cleansing while simultaneously increasing curl definition and softness. Gently eliminate impurities such as pollution build-up while protecting natural oils to promote healthy scalp environments conducive to hair growth.

Lightweight mist that instantly rehydrates and revitalizes second day curls, offering reduced frizz, revitalized definition, increased shine and increased bounce.

Manuka Oil Infused Shampoo

This shampoo for all curl types provides nourishment to enhance natural wavy hair patterns and promote frizz-free coils. Packed with New Zealand Manuka oil to nourish curls and give radiance, as well as Ceramide to shield them from environmental aggressors, this sulfate free formulation is also Ceramide rich to provide environmental protection and add shine.

This sulfate free shampoo is packed with Mafura Oil (commonly known as Natal Mahogany) from Southern Africa’s Mafura tree, known to contain essential fatty acids to lock in moisture and nourish curly hair and scalp. In addition, Phytokeratin strengthens and cranberry seed extract helps hydrate to promote frizz-free curls for an excellent experience!

Shake well and apply evenly to damp hair. Massage gently while detangling with fingers or wide tooth comb, leaving for five minutes before rinsing off. Repeated applications between washes can help reshape and revive curls while simultaneously reducing frizz and increasing shine.

Curl Manifesto Bain Hydratation Douceur

Give your textured locks the professional-grade treatment they deserve at home with this gentle hydrating shampoo for curly hair from Kerastase Curl Manifesto range, designed specifically to nourish curls without weighing them down, leaving soft yet defined coils behind.

The Bain Hydratation Douceur gently cleanses both your scalp and hair, eliminating impurities such as impurity residues from pollution or build-up from styling products, while simultaneously maintaining the natural lipid balance on your scalp for healthy hair growth. Formulated with precious Manuka Honey and Ceramide ingredients, this shampoo deeply hydrates curly tresses without making them heavy or dull.

Launch your curly hair routine with this luxurious shampoo, then switch up with Fondant Hydratation Essentielle Conditioner to give your curls body and bounce for a touchable, beautifully hydrated finish. If you want to minimize unnecessary hair washing, the Refresh Absolu Second Day Curl Reviving Mist can revive strands between washes for maximum control.

Curl Manifesto Gelee Curl Contour Curl Enhancing Defining Gel-Cream

Manuka Honey and Ceramide enrich this defining gel-cream, providing soft definition and volume boost without crunchiness for all curl types, leaving velvety-soft coils defined without residue left behind.

For loosely curly or wavy locks: apply product into damp or dry locks, applying 2 to 4 pumps depending on length and thickness of hair, using fingers to define waves.

For coiled or very curly hair: Layer over primed locks and use your fingertips to twist and encourage natural patterns of curls. For the best results, follow with Curl Manifesto [Bain, Fondant and Creme]. It leaves curls soft, nourished, bouncy and intensely shiny while leaving delicate scent of Tuberose Flower & White Musk Bouquet that leaves behind its pleasing warmth and feminine notes; leaving behind an irresistibly radiant fragrance in your locks.

Curl Manifesto Refresh Absolu Second Day Curl Refreshing Spray

With Manuka Honey and Ceramide as its foundation, this hair refresher for wavy, curly, very curly and coily locks contains everything needed to nourishe, revitalize and reactivate curl definition, shine, bounce and bounce between washes. The lightweight mist immediately rehydrates to restore vital moisture loss through frizz control – helping your locks maintain vital hydration levels more easily while decreasing unnecessary washing of your locks thereby increasing hair’s ability to hold onto vital moisture reserves for improved maintenance of healthy locks!

Pro Tip:

This refreshing mist can be used daily in the morning or whenever your curls need an extra dose of hydration and definition. To optimize results, apply after using Bain Hydratation Douceur and/or Gelee Curl Contour products; for the perfect blow-out spritz a light mist over middle lengths and ends for tightening and revitalising curl shape. Kerastase’s Curl Manifesto range also features gentle shampoos tailored towards curly and wavy locks plus extra rich mask treatments specifically targeted towards these types of locks plus daily moisturizing anti-frizz leave-in sprays specifically tailored towards curly locks – an anti-frizz leave-in spray dedicated specifically towards curly locks!