How to Use Kerastase Shampoo

how to use kerastase shampoo

Kerastase Paris is the brand of choice among hairdressers and A-list celebrities alike (Emily Ratajkowski is known to be a big fan!). Specializing in customizing its range to individual strands, its products range from nourishing hair oils, luxurious masks and anti-thinning treatments – providing something suitable for everyone’s individual hair care needs.

Keep color vibrant with Bain Chromatique Shampoo, specially formulated to protect highly sensitised color-treated locks from humidity while creating an illuminating glow.

Elixir Ultime Preparatory Oil

Apply this luxurious hair oil before cleansing to instantly nourish and visibly regenerate hair, or pre-blow-dry to maximize shine and protect it. Packed with Coriander, Argan, Coco, Cranberry & Grape Seed oils to increase resistance, nutrition & shine!

Kerastase’s best seller made waves when it launched ten years ago and remains an international favorite among both stylists and clients alike. I love adding two pumps of this hair oil to any mask to increase its nutritional benefits, or use it to tame frizz and as leave in conditioner – making it an essential must have in any hairdresser’s kit!

Elixir Ultime Huile Rose Oil

Elixir Ultime Huile Rose Oil is an Elixir Ultime Huile product designed to enhance colored hair‘s vibrant shine, smooth and nourish it for vibrant radiance, and leave hair with an irresistibly shiny sheen. A favorite among Kerastase hairdressers as a blow dry serum, dry shine finisher or mask booster – leaving hair with an aura of lustrous shine and light fragrance!

This beauty oil contains Oleo Complex for its anti-regenerative and antioxidant benefits as well as Imperial Tea to create an aromatic floral scent with true depth of color. Additionally, camellia and marula oils help nourish colored hair to provide lasting nourishment for its health.

To achieve optimal results, apply to towel-dried hair starting from midlengths and working through from roots. Use as often as needed for radiant, smooth and nourished results, before following with Kerastase Le Bain shampoo and Le Fondant conditioner or deep treatments such as Le Masque.

Nutritive 8 Hour Magic Night Serum

This night serum provides intensive overnight nourishment for dry hair, using Iris Root extract and five essential vitamins to penetrate hair fibres for long-lasting deep conditioning and long-term results. Plus, its non-greasy magic formula comes complete with a lovely fragrance that develops while you sleep – meaning no extra step in the morning to remove.

This product is ideal for all hair types, particularly if your strands are dry and susceptible to frizzing. For best results, pair this nourishing hair serum with either Kerastase shampoos for dry hair or Nutritive conditioner from Kerastase.

Kerastase Paris is an expert haircare brand trusted by professional hairdressers that addresses specific hair concerns with its range of products, Specifique being designed for dandruff, scalp sensitivity and oily roots while Genesis strengthens thin strands by thickening and nourishing each strand for added thickness and volume.

Blond Absolu

Kerastase’s latest range, the Blond Absolu CicaExtreme collection, is tailored specifically for blonde hair whether natural or bottle blonde. It can help protect from brassiness while strengthening and nourishing fibers of your tresses.

It contains Edelweiss Flower and Hyaluronic Acid, two powerful hydratators. Together they penetrate deep into hair fibers to repair damaged cuticles while providing a deeply nourishing treatment that leaves strands with a healthy, illuminated finish.

The Bain Lumiere daily shampoo helps gently cleanse strands without stripping them of their natural balance or stripping away necessary vitamins. Furthermore, this shampoo helps remove impurities and pollutant particles for deeply hydrating and shiny locks – perfect for all blonde types such as platinum highlights or natural balayage!

Aura Botanica

Kerastase’s first venture into natural haircare, Aura Botanica launched just last year as their professional luxury line containing 96% natural ingredients and boasting sulfate- and silicone-free formulas that feature organic Samoan coconut and Moroccan argan oils as ingredients.

The shampoo is mild yet luxuriously lather-inducing for effective cleansing of impurities from your scalp and locks. Packed with Samoan coconut oil and Moroccan argan oil to promote soft, healthy locks with radiant shine – perfect for soft, healthy locks with radiant highlights!

Kerastase’s shampoo scent stands out as something special; not quite as floral or sweet, this musky herbal fragrance with subtle spice notes offers something unique and delightfully different from typical shampoo smells. Furthermore, the conditioner features rich luxurious creamy textures that leave hair feeling silky soft and shiny – something many other shampoos fail to achieve!