How to Style Curly Hair For Men

How to style curly hair For men

Men with wavy or curly locks often suffer from the “bed head” look. With proper techniques and product, these textured locks can be transformed into an impressive look with just a little help from styling products.

Start by shampooing no more than twice every week (any more will expose your tresses to drying out, leading to dandruff and flaky scalp). A quality hydrating gel should help tame any unruly coils.

Defined Curls

No matter if your curls are loose and wavy or defined and coily, you can always style them to your personal preferences. Just ensure you receive an ideal haircut length for your frame and face shape and follow expert styling and maintenance tips to keep your mane healthy and lush.

Avoid overwashing, which can irritate the scalp and result in dandruff or dry, frizzy locks. Instead, shampoo every two or three days with moisturizing conditioner tailored specifically for curly locks after every wash and avoid products with sulfates that strip your natural oils from your locks causing frizzing.

Use Moroccan oil on curly hair, as this ultra-hydrating natural product helps combat frizz – the number one enemy of defined curls! Moroccan oil can be used both pre-styling product or finishing spray. Moroccan oil can be found at most beauty supply stores.

Curtain Fringe

Curtain bangs are an elegant feminine style that adds softness to your face. Wear them in soft waves for a delicate fairy look or brush them straight back like 70s fringe for retro flair. Curtain bangs look best on short cuts such as pixie cuts and wavy bobs; especially those that suit heart or oval-shaped faces. Tease them backwards for even greater softness in this look.

The curtain haircut suits men of all ages, with light or blond hair being particularly well-suited. Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Kurt Cobain are excellent examples of men sporting face-framing bangs with this hairstyle; its versatility works particularly well when combined with low taper or high skin fade fades.

The Asymmetrical Curtain Cut is an increasingly popular style for men that combines fades on both sides with longer hair in front, and one side dropped fringe. This look works well on men of all hair types, making this style suitable for those who wish to experiment with their appearance. To achieve this look, apply light hair gel or pomade to make this style workable.

Side-Part Crop

Long, textured curls complement a side-swept haircut nicely. To add extra volume and style, work a dime-sized amount of pomade into your locks for extra volume and style. Or for a casual approach, rake your fingers through your top hair before spraying 3-5 spritzes of hairspray to control flyaways.

A fade is the perfect complement to a side-swept hairstyle, whether you opt for a high skin or low shadow fade. Additionally, the fade will help frame your face and highlight its natural curves as it frames your head shape.

Medium length hair makes styling many looks easy, including creating an undone crown and hard side parting. Simply ask your barber to cut in an indentation into the side parting for an easy style you can manage with a comb and pomade.

Messy Curls

Curly hair requires special care when it comes to its care and styling, which includes using curl enhancers to amplify its ringlets and using styling gel with either matte or glossy finishes for optimal styling. Finding the ideal haircuts can help hydrate and define its natural shape of your locks.

Curly hair can become dry over time due to a loss of natural oils from its cuticle layer, leading to dry ends of the shaft. Celebrity groomer Jessica Ortiz (whose clients include Timothee Chalamet and Darren Criss) recommends co-washing with a curl-conditioning product between shampooing sessions in order to keep curly locks looking their best.

Once your hair has been freshly shampooed, gently pat it dry with a microfiber towel before applying a small amount of high-quality pomade or wax to your hands and applying as necessary to your strands – use your fingers to mess up strands for a casual, wild-man look by tousling to one side or back and tousling more as necessary – perfect for men with curly locks that also looks good when worn slicked back or in a messy bun!