How to Find a Haircut Near Me in Montreal

Hair salons are excellent places to get a new haircut. There are various styles to choose from and some even provide keratin treatments; referrals from family and friends can help find an excellent salon.

This Montreal salon prides itself on providing personalized experiences for its clients. They aim to offer people of all ages, sexes and sexualities haircuts without judgment.

Small local salons

When selecting a hair salon, there are numerous aspects to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure the salon is licensed and offers quality services. Furthermore, visit each potential salon before booking an appointment as this will allow you to find one best suited to your needs.

Before choosing any salon, it’s important to pay attention to whether they provide an array of services, their hours fit into your busy schedule and review any reviews or recommendations on their website.

Studio-Coiffure Perron+Aitken in Montreal’s Gay Village is breaking ground by offering gender-neutral pricing, shattering decades-old conventions that assign men and women according to their haircuts.

Home-visit hairdressers

Home-visit hairdressers provide affordable service without incurring the same overhead costs of salons, and may even provide makeover services in order to save time. They’re an ideal solution if health prevents you from visiting them directly – plus this type of stylist can even give your entire makeover process in one visit!

Pure Hair Salon in Montreal is an exceptional beauty salon, known for their world-class stylists who have won multiple awards for their work. Devoted to providing their clients with unique style interpretations of current trends, Pure Hair Salon specializes in haircuts, color services and other specialty treatments with their signature approach towards beauty always pushing its limits further than before.

Group haircuts

To save money when getting haircuts, why not book an appointment with multiple people at once? That way, everyone will get their hair done at once and benefit from discounts at the salon while having more fun together?

Belair is dedicated to serving his community. He finds great pleasure working with drag queens, while appreciating Montreal’s avant-garde cultural scene. Gender neutral pricing is critical in his industry, he maintains.

Inside Barberito Salon in Montreal sounds more like a Caribbean nightclub than an average Montreal hair salon, with loud Dominican Republic dance music competing with a soccer game broadcast live on television. All barbers at Barberito hail from this region – many are Dominican immigrants that speak Spanish fluently – creating an authentic feel at this cozy salon where stylists strive to give clients excellent services.

Happy hour

Happy hour is an integral part of Montreal culture, with bars and restaurants offering special promotions during this time period. Happy hour provides a chance for employees and friends to socialize together as well as meet new people – some great spots include Furco, Philemon and NCG’s 5 a 7 which provide fun environments with plenty of potential new contacts to meet.

Popular with locals, these spots provide an array of beverages and dishes – such as poutine – while the staff are friendly and the atmosphere lively. Plus you can sample wines and craft cocktails.


For those on a tight budget in Montreal looking for an inexpensive haircut, there are various ways to secure one. Some salons provide discounts for seniors, students or AARP members while some also provide online check-in to save you time in the salon and ensure you still receive an outstanding cut.

At this barber shop for men who appreciate classic style, cutting-edge fashion and classic barbers coexist in perfect harmony. Friendly barbers create an inviting ambience in this small place with big ambition.

Proper Barbers offers students with SPC cards a $5 student discount on haircuts and 15% discount on hair products, respectively. You may also take advantage of student discounts at Kiehl’s or Shu Uemura by showing their card in store; both offer 15% off plus free shipping when purchasing products with their student cards.