Hair removal, otherwise called depilation or epilation, is the intentional removal of unwanted body hair with the intention of removing the source of social embarrassment, and generally with the same goal as that of a waxing or bikini wax. This procedure is often carried out on areas that are easily visible to others, such as armpits, breasts, buttocks and back, although it can be carried out on any area of the human body where unwanted hair growth occurs.

The concept of hair removal has its roots in ancient Greece, Egypt, India and even Rome. Ancient Greeks wore wigs and wore hair extensions, while the Egyptians wore their hair short. The Hindus used to shave their heads, but only women, with the idea being to keep their hair away from their faces.

In the Middle Ages, it was customary for women to wear their hair long, and men shaved their heads. In modern times, many people in the western world have abandoned the use of wigs and use their own personal hair to cover their faces. In most cases, it is still considered unacceptable to remove the hair on other parts of the body except for the face.

It is possible to purchase hair removal products which can be used at home. These products are readily available in drug stores, supermarkets and department stores and are very inexpensive. There are even some products which are available on the internet that claim to remove hair permanently. These products usually contain mild chemicals, so it is advisable to consult a doctor before using one of these products.

Most people do not realize the pain and expense that are involved in the process of hair removal. Often times, the process takes over six months, although it will depend on the person and the amount of hair that are removed.

The important thing to remember is that removing unwanted body hair is not a new process. People from all across the world have been doing it for hundreds of years. The key to a successful hair removal process is to be aware of your options, and do the necessary research to find out what is available.

Many people also prefer an expensive professional service. There are many different procedures that you can choose from to remove unwanted hair, but there are a few basic procedures that have proven to work well. A laser hair removal method is usually recommended for people who want to have the permanent results that are available to those who pay for the services of a professional. This process requires that the unwanted hairs be surgically removed through a series of lasers, rather than waxing or other types of removal methods.

Hair removal can also be done by electrolysis and waxing if it is done correctly. With electrolysis, your skin will be gently numbed which allows the body to absorb the chemicals to which the hair is attached.

The most effective hair removal process is often times the one that is done by a professional. Because a professional removes the unwanted hair, they are able to ensure that the hair is completely removed and therefore have the best possible chance of permanent removal.

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