Hair Extensions in Montreal on a Budget

The cost of hair extensions in Montreal can vary from $50 to $300, and the length, color, and quality of the extensions will determine how much you will pay. Canada Hair sells clip-in extensions that cost $50 a set, while premium remy human hair extensions can cost $300 or more. Regardless of your budget, it’s likely that you’ll find a hair extension service that fits your needs and your budget. While some hair extensions in Montreal may seem pricey, you’ll love the look they give you!

Clip-in hair extensions are one of the most affordable options for hair extensions in Montreal, and are popular with customers. Unlike traditional hair extensions, clip-ins can be applied at home, which makes them a popular option for temporary solutions. At Mes Rallonges, clip-in hair extensions can be applied in minutes, and are considered an entry-level option. And while they may not be for everyone, they are a good option for many women.

Great Lengths hair extensions are made from premium human hair and feature a patented pre-tipped keratin bond polymer that closely mimics the structure of real human tresses. This allows for added strands to move just as naturally as your own hair. Great Lengths is a fully funded team in an Indian temple that works with hair donated by women as a form of religious devotion. After the process, the donated strands go back to the community.

Author: Publissoft