Hair Botox Benefits

Hair Botox Benefits

Keratin Therapy is a proven hair loss treatment that works by improving the strength and elasticity of the hair. Keratin Therapy Removes hair breakage, making hair more manageable. Keratin can be safely washed with warm water, under the arms or the legs.

Hair can even be thoroughly shampooed and conditioned with Keratin after the treatment to make them appear shiny and clean. Depending on the strength of treatment, hair can retain up to 6 strands of Keratin per strand. Rejuvenator Keratin Hair Botox has an effective and gentle action on your hair. It can also be safely used every day without any adverse effects.

The treatment can also be used for longer periods of time on hair that is damaged by conditions such as dandruff, dry scalp psoriasis. In addition, the strength of the therapy helps protect the hair from heat, which is one of the main causes of hair loss.

To treat your hair with Keratin treatment, it is important to keep it healthy. This means avoiding harsh cleansers, chemical-based shampoos, styling gels, and even conditioners that contain harsh chemicals. You can also avoid over-excessive hair washing, especially using strong soaps on wet hair, as this can dry out the hair.

To prevent your hair from becoming damaged by the Keratin Therapy, you should always wash it properly with lukewarm water. When you take a bath, do it with the assistance of a shower cap, which will help seal in moisture in the hair.

In addition, you should also take note that you should not get Keratin Therapy if you have a medical condition. If you have a history of cardiovascular disease, heart arrhythmia, diabetes or other conditions that may cause low blood pressure, the treatment will not work well. Moreover, you are also not recommended to get Keratin Therapy if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have a history of melanoma, you should not try using Keratin Therapy.

If you are trying to prevent the signs of aging, you should not get Keratin Therapy. It might cause your hair to become oily, thick and limp, and if it does, it could result in premature graying or balding.

You should avoid applying Keratin to your hair while you are sleeping. This is because it can result in irritation and burning, which can lead to further hair loss.

You should always remember to use a good quality keratin shampoo after having Keratin Treatment. Always use a moisturizer after the treatment. Remember that the results will not last forever so you need to keep applying the product consistently to get the best results.

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