Hair Botox – A Salon Treatment That Prevents Frizz and Makes Your Hair Look Fuller

botox hair treatment

Hair botox is a salon treatment designed to remove frizz and make your locks appear fuller, while providing amino acids and other natural ingredients to restore damaged locks and protect them from psoriasis and dandruff.

Hair Botox works differently from wrinkle reducers that use chemicals injected directly into your skin; it instead uses no harsh chemicals, acting like a deep conditioner on your hair for several months and smoothening it further.

It adds volume

Hair Botox is an increasingly popular conditioning treatment, known for its hydrating and volumizing effects. Ideal for all hair types – particularly dry or damaged locks – its main goals include reduced frizz, increased shine and softness as well as helping prevent dandruff. Furthermore, this conditioning treatment strengthens and protects against split ends for strengthened locks.

Botox treatments involve washing your hair and applying product for 20 to 45 minutes before your stylist may apply heat, steam or red light to open hair cuticles and promote deeper penetration of product.

Hyaluronic acid (“which helps attract and retain moisture, creating elasticity and appearance,” according to Henry), caviar oil (“rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants” and helps improve texture) as well as various plant extracts (“for soothing, anti-inflammatory or antioxidant benefits,” per Fabusiwa). For maximum effectiveness of hair botox treatments it’s essential that only sulfate-free shampoos/co-washes are used and any harsh heat styling tools be avoided.

It reduces frizz

There are many hair products on the market that promise to improve frizz, add shine, and give the illusion of fuller locks; however, few can deliver these benefits over time. Hair botox offers one in-salon solution which promises all three at once; without needles but still providing damage repair from bleaching, coloring and heat styling processes.

Fill in damaged areas of the hair fiber, hydrating strands to reduce frizz and give more natural sheen, strengthening them against heat and humidity effects, and making them more resistant.

After shampooing and conditioning the hair, this treatment should be applied directly onto its strands for at least 30 minutes before being rinsed out. For optimal results, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that won’t strip away nutrients should be used, and physical exercise or washing your hair within three days after receiving this treatment should also be avoided.

It restores damaged hair

Hair Botox helps restore damaged locks by hydrating them and smoothing its surface, as well as hydrating, smoothing and eliminating frizz and flyaways without adding extra weight to your locks. Similar to keratin treatments but free from harsh chemicals and suitable for all hair types – prior to receiving this service from your stylist they will use purifying shampoo on your scalp in order to eliminate dirt and oil build-up from buildup on it.

Your hair care specialist will then apply hair botox and leave it to soak for around 15 minutes, after which they’ll rinse it out and its results should last around four months. The treatment contains nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid (an excellent moisturizer) and caviar oil (packed with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals), as well as antioxidants to protect from damage. Ultimately, this treatment will make your locks appear healthier and vibrant while prolonging its color.

It reduces dandruff

Hair botox is a treatment that works on each strand of your hair to produce healthier and shinier locks. You can have this done either professionally in a salon setting, or as an at-home product; either way, the process begins by washing with purifying shampoo to open up cuticles before applying hair botox product and massaging into each strand with massagers – after the treatment has concluded the strands should be rinsed out and flat ironed to seal in moisture and create long-term moisture storage!

Results of hair botox treatments can be immediate and can last several months. The product contains ingredients like collagen, caviar oil and vitamins which nourish hair strands by helping reduce dandruff and frizz while simultaneously relieving inflammation on the scalp. Psoriasis patients can particularly benefit from using it; hair botox treatments also make fine hair less damaged and smoother.