Finding a Keratin Treatment Near Me

hair keratin treatment near me

Keratin treatments are an ideal solution for anyone looking to minimize frizz and shorten the time required to blow-dry their hair, seal in color, or prevent hair breakage.

Hair smoothing treatments have quickly become popular with celebrities as well as regular people looking to stand out in crowd. Unlike chemical straighteners, these in-salon treatments actually strengthen hair with natural keratin proteins to add an edge.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a protein found in hair, wool, feathers, horn and nails. It contains sulfur-containing amino acids (primarily cysteine) which link together in chains to form tough and resilient structures – these structures make keratin tough and resilient.

Keratin treatments involve applying protein to your hair and sealing it off using heat from a flat iron, locking in its benefits to create sleek, shiny locks that resist frizz and damage. Treatments may last from six weeks up to six months depending on your stylist.

Keratin treatments can benefit any type of hair, but are particularly recommended for curly and wavy styles that tend to frizz more easily. Plus, it helps keep newly colored locks vibrant by sealing in color to protect it from fading quickly. Furthermore, these treatments can also help manage dry, damaged locks – some treatments actually use black rice extract as a natural ingredient to heal damage and repair broken proteins visible to the naked eye!

How does a keratin treatment work?

Keratin treatments provide professional grade solutions to combat frizz, boost shine, and revitalize hair – but despite its name, keratin itself may not always be at the core of these services.

Before applying any formulas or treatments with sodium chloride to hair, first wash with a clarifying, sulfate-free shampoo to remove product build-up. Certain treatments also contain small quantities of sodium chloride for extra effectiveness.

After receiving a treatment, hair must be blow-dried and sealed using a flat iron to set it. Some keratin treatments straighten hair while others relax curly locks for easier management.

Once the treatment has been administered, it’s essential that you use only sulfate-free shampoos on your locks. Also try not to twist, pull or use elastics in your hair too frequently so as to preserve keratin and extend its effects over time. These precautions will make the effects last longer and help ensure maximum benefit is gained from treatment.

How long does a keratin treatment last?

Keratin treatments typically last six months or more when properly cared for, though the process itself can take several hours at the salon. Once complete, their effects are truly beautiful; making hair straight, shiny and smooth while eliminating frizz while decreasing heat styling needs.

Lordet uses several types of keratin treatments at his salon, with Peter Coppola treatments being particularly recommended for clients with curly or wavy locks as it doesn’t straighten them too drastically.

He suggests that anyone considering keratin treatment do research into both their chosen salon and products used. A shampoo with sulfates or metallic salts can wash away keratin quickly and diminish its impact, while bleaching or permanent dyes will strip it out from your hair completely and potentially cause damage. For optimal results, seek out professional salons renowned for keratin treatments using top quality products; make sure they know that frequent washing will diminish results and use high quality treatments from professional stylists instead. Also avoid washing too often!

Can I get a keratin treatment at home?

Home keratin treatments may offer you some of the same benefits of salon-grade treatments, yet differ significantly in application process and strength of chemicals used. Be wary when purchasing such at-home treatments as many contain strong chemicals with high heat levels that need to be managed carefully according to instructions given on packaging.

An in-salon keratin treatment typically lasts four to six months and can help dramatically reduce frizz, smooth hair and add intense shine. Unfortunately, however, this process can also damage strands over time and lead to hair loss and thinning over time. For best results use on thicker textures without color treatments or bleaches being present and avoid color treated or bleached locks as this could damage them permanently.

Keratin is a naturally-occurring protein found in your hair, skin and nails that acts as both an internal and external protective shield. A salon keratin treatment helps replenish this natural keratin to restore its protective function for humidity resistance, less frizz and faster damage repair. Salon treatments may be particularly helpful to those with curly locks looking to manage frizz without damaging their locks further.