Finding a Keratin Treatment Near Me

keratin treatment near me

If your frizzy locks have you frustrated and you want a faster styling routine, keratin treatments may be your ideal solution. By smoothing and strengthening the hair shaft, this treatment makes styling simpler than ever before.

Hair styling products designed specifically to treat and seal in color treatments or chemical processes are safe for all hair types and textures, including color-treated or chemically processed locks. In fact, using them regularly may even make your color appear brighter!


Keratin protein treatments strengthen and add texture to your hair, making it healthier and easier to style. They may also reduce frizz and flyaways for an overall sleek, polished appearance. While not for everyone, keratin protein treatments should only be used occasionally due to formaldehyde being present and possibly causing skin and eye irritation.

Keratin hair smoothing treatments are a fantastic solution for thick, wavy or curly locks and work equally well on color-treated locks as well as men’s. Plus, they provide a safer alternative than chemical straighteners which may damage hair over time.

Keratin treatments can also help combat frizz in humid conditions, seal in color, reduce blow drying time and shinier your locks. With proper care they may last up to six months depending on the routine of each individual user – using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, avoiding swimming or sweating excessively, waiting 3 to 4 days between washings of hair again etc… This way your results of the keratin treatment will last as long as possible.


Keratin treatments are an excellent way to tame frizz and flyaways in your hair without resorting to chemical relaxers or perms which alter its texture permanently. Not only do keratin treatments make your locks appear healthier while cutting styling time down significantly, they may even increase overall quality!

Cost of Keratin Treatments Vary Based on Type and Location. Choose between traditional treatments that both straighten and smooth your hair (typically including formaldehyde), as well as newer versions without formaldehyde; some keratin treatments even come in various strengths to meet individual stylists’ styles and needs.

Keratin hair smoothing treatments, also known as Brazilian blowouts, offer an efficient and hassle-free way to attain soft, sleek locks with radiantly shiny shine. Perfect for all hair types — thick or thin, dry, chemically treated or naturally curly — Brazilian blowouts offer long-term results when followed properly by using products without sulfates as aftercare tips are given for best results.


Prepared properly, keratin treatments can last as long as possible. This means getting your hair cut in the days leading up to your appointment and forgoing shampooing or styling products; wearing ponytails or other tight styles could even exacerbate damage and reduce the longevity of treatment.

Keratin treatments can also prove beneficial for people with curly hair, helping to smooth frizz and add lustrous shine. Since curly locks typically reflect less light than straight ones, curly locks may often appear lifeless and uninspiring.

However, for a truly formaldehyde-free keratin treatment experience, ask your stylist about low-heat options. These treatments use glyoxylic acid in place of formaldehyde for more gentle results; additionally they tend to work better on coarse or thick hair than traditional treatments.

Post-treatment care

Keratin is a fibrous protein that makes up the basis of your hair, skin, and fingernails. When applied professionally to hair strands, keratin helps smooth cells that overlap to form individual strands – leaving your locks looking healthy with reduced frizz, flyaways and easier styling; additionally it may reduce color fade while protecting them from harmful UV rays from sunlight.

Keratin treatments may be popular among many people, but they’re not suitable for everyone. Fine or thin hair should avoid getting treated, as this could result in breakage and damage to follicles. Furthermore, it should not be done if bleaching your hair recently occurred, or another intense chemical process has been completed already.

Some salon keratin treatments contain formaldehyde, an effective ingredient that can keep your locks straight for several months. Others use formaldehyde-free glyoxylic acid as a safer alternative – your stylist will be able to assist in selecting which product best meets your needs.