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Best Options For Hair Removal

Hair removal is the process of removing hair from any part of the body. A person’s hair follicles can grow up to five feet and it takes a great deal of patience and determination to get rid of it. The first step is to find the best solution to hair removal. Below are the most popular options and what they do.

The most popular solution is the use of electrolysis or laser treatment. Electrolysis involves passing a concentrated beam of light through the skin that is carefully targeted towards the hair follicle. The results are instant but there is a great amount of pain and discomfort involved. In the long run, the hair is totally removed.

Laser treatment is not very common because it requires the use of expensive equipment and also poses some risk. It is a similar process but uses high powered light bulbs that are used to destroy the follicle. The good thing about this option is that there is no need for chemicals. Once you have the laser treatment, you will be left with no hair on your body.

Laser treatment also has the same advantages as electrolysis. It is quick and painless. However, there is a downside in this method. You have to continually visit the doctor so you can renew the laser cartridge. This will cost you around $1500 every year.

Another option for hair removal is the use of Hormonal Replacement Therapy or HRT. The success rate of this method is high but it is expensive and can cause serious side effects. It is not recommended by most physicians and it can take several months before it is effective. Another disadvantage is that it does not remove all of the hair.

Natural treatments are becoming more popular especially for women. These include using herbs, oils, and botanicals. These methods are used in combination with other hair removal options. They are safe and do not pose any negative health risks to the body.

If you have recently had surgery, then you will want to consult with your doctor before you go to your local salon. Most of the time, your surgeon has a recommendation for you based on your medical history and the size of your surgery.

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