5 Thicker Hair Styling Products

Finding an appropriate styling product to enhance thin hair can be challenging. Finding something suitable can make strands appear fuller and more textured, making a statement about who you are as an individual.

For best results, look for products that provide lift and texture without adding excess weight to your hair. There are numerous options out there.

1. Joico Hybrid Creme Gel

Mesen advises using this volumizing product for more natural-looking hairstyles that avoid that overdone look, giving your locks volume without feeling tacky or heavy.

This revolutionary gel-cream hybrid styler instantly transforms fine strands into luxurious, naturally fuller locks without stiff or sticky feeling. The lightweight formula offers flexible hold with humidity protection.

Joico’s salon innovations are designed to restore your hair back to its strongest, healthiest state. Joico’s Color Butter range was specifically developed for blonde hair, offering demi-permanent color and permanent creme shades to improve shine and strength while providing restorative ingredients like arginine and bio-advanced peptide complex as restorative ingredients.

2. Color Wow Root Cover Up

Color Wow Root Cover Up is an effortless solution to touch up grey roots and gaps in hairlines for thick full locks, giving the appearance of thick fullness with minimal effort. A 9X Allure winner, Color Wow Root Cover Up seamlessly covers greys + dark roots while refreshing highlights and thickening + perfecting thinned hairlines without using peroxide!

This mineral powder formula features reflective particles that blend perfectly with existing hair colors for a natural finish. Adhering instantly and water resistant, this pressed mineral powder formula stays put until shampooed out – even through rain, sweat and sleep-related smudges! Plus it doesn’t feel sticky like sprays, crayons or mascaras do and won’t leave behind a dry chalky feeling on hair!

Apply to clean, towel-dried hair by loading up the end of a brush with powder, pulling your locks flat against your head, and pressing into roots firmly – without using sweeping motions – while pulling hair tight against head. Dust off any excess using brush end.

3. Bumble & Bumble Texture Spray

Texture spray can add extra grip to twisted half-ups, dutch braids and messy buns that require extra hold, creating fuller looks that last all day long–plus it adds lift and airy texture. Simply shake well before holding 10 inches away from dry hair; for optimal use pair this product with sea salt spray or mousse products that already help thicken hair like sea salt spray and mousse for the best results. To maximize styling results read instructions carefully so you know whether texture spray should be used alone or combined with other thickening products like sea salt spray or mousse to get the maximum benefit out of styling techniques used for thickening styles such as sea salt spray/mousse for best results.

4. BondiBoost Hair Thickening Therapy Styling Spray

Bring life back into fine, flat hair with this lightweight volumising mist designed to give instant fullness and thickness. Lift at the roots while expanding and plumping every strand for a more voluminous finish; thanks to hyaluronic acid’s proven ability for plumping effects. This blend is enhanced with vegan-friendly collagen, ginseng and sea kelp to strengthen and replenish stands, leaving them visibly thicker and healthier than before. This revitalizing formula is free from silicone, parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, petrolatum, propylene glycol, propylene oxide phthalates (DEA, MEA and TEA), formaldehyde and drying alcohols; safe for colour treated hair as well as chemically treated locks. With its deliciously fresh scent of subtle raspberry and cool mint this product provides energy boost for chemically treated locks!

5. Biolage Strand Enhancing Spray

The Strand-Enhancing Formula contains long-chain polymers and cotton sprout extract to thicken hair strands, reduce frizz, detangle knotted locks and resist humidity. Plus, its lightweight spray formulation also helps reduce frizz, detangle knots and resist humidity!

Brook and Caruso both love this volumizing spray as it provides light hold without sticking or flaking like many other hairsprays do. Packed with blue agave nectar for heat protection purposes.

Biolage Professional’s Full Density collection addresses one of the primary concerns for many women: thin and fine hair. This leave-in treatment increases diameter by up to 9%, creating lusher and thicker-feeling locks. Simply apply from roots to ends before styling as desired!