The Yonka Advanced Optimizer Creme is the latest in sanitary restroom flooring and wall coverings. It has been designed to fit into any corner of the room making it the most versatile sanitary ware you can use today. This sanitary ware is perfect for every type of bathroom in your home, whether it be a men’s or women’s restroom.

For men’s restrooms the Yonka Advanced Optimizer Creme is a vinyl/elastomeric wall covering that is made to fit any space. It can be laid over old tile, pre-existing flooring or ceramic/porcelain tiles to create a more modern look. It is very flexible and easy to install.

For women’s restrooms, the Yonka Advanced Optimizer Creme can be used over the top of existing flooring or tile. This sanitary ware has an updated design that incorporates curved edges to create a sleek look. This sanitary ware comes in a two piece option, with a slip resistant surface that is made from PU (polyurethane) and also available in a three-piece option. It also comes in white, black and red colors.

While these sanitary ware may not look like much, they do have many useful uses. These sanitary ware can come with removable liners that allow you to clean your floors between cleanings and also provides moisture resistance. Most liners also have a high luster polyurethane coating which prevents them from being scratched or chipped.

This sanitary ware comes with a patented self-cleaning feature that allows you to wipe up spills without having to wash all the sanitary ware. It also has an ergonomic design that makes it more comfortable to walk on. The comfort level of this sanitary ware is so much better than that of traditional sanitary ware.

These sanitary ware is also more durable than traditional sanitary ware. Many people who own this sanitary ware are very satisfied with the way it performs in their bathrooms. Most manufacturers have achieved a quality finish that makes this sanitary ware last much longer than traditional sanitary ware.

The price of these sanitary ware are very affordable compared to other products. They are very affordable and are made by popular manufactures. You can get your hands on one for less than a dollar per square foot.

If you are looking for a sanitary ware that will look great in your bathroom, then this sanitary ware is perfect for you. These sanitary ware can be found at a variety of different places, including online retailers and in stores near you. For more information about this sanitary ware, contact your local toiletry store.

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