It is really surprising that you can buy anti-aging creams that claim to work, and they do not usually state in their labels exactly what ingredients they contain. There are ingredients in creams that can increase your risk of cancer, and the FDA does not require manufacturers to disclose these ingredients on their packaging.

Antiaging creams

In fact, some women purchase creams that contain ingredients that are carcinogenic. You have to wonder how many women have suffered breast cancer or lung cancer due to a cream that contains alcohol? The answer to this question is that more than 100 million women are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States alone.

The reason why the FDA does not require the cosmetics companies to list the ingredients in their cosmetic creams is that there are no clinical studies that prove the safety of these chemicals, which are common preservatives in the cosmetics. The cosmetics industry is so huge that you cannot find one company that does not use one or more of these dangerous ingredients. Many of these ingredients may be used at extremely low levels in order to make the product seem less harmful, but they are still present.

Asbestos and mercury are two ingredients that are commonly used in the manufacturing of creams. Even though asbestos has been shown to cause cancer, it is still used as a thermal insulator in many medical instruments. The FDA would rather pay a small fine for each person who suffers from asbestos exposure than ban asbestos products. It’s good business.

Another ingredient commonly found in the cosmetics industry is mercury. Mercury is toxic and is a known neurotoxin. It is still widely used in the cosmetics industry despite all the evidence against it.

When you read the product label of any cream that you intend to use to treat wrinkles, the manufacturer should list all the ingredients that are in the product. This information is important because you should know what you are putting into your body.

If you find one product that contains collagen and elastin, it is probably best to avoid that cream and try another that contains keratin which is a natural source of collagen and elastin. If you cannot find an ingredient that provides the necessary results, do not waste your money.

The cosmetics industry knows that they are selling something that is in most cases dangerous and ineffective. They continue to market their creams with statements such as, “Protects your skin from damage.” Unfortunately, if you cannot see your wrinkles, they will not protect your skin from damage.

Author: mtlhairsalon