What is the difference between moisturizing and hydrating creams? Basically, moisturized skin needs more moisture and has to be replenished with more hydrating creams, while dried skin needs less oil and has to be replenished with more moisturizing creams. You may ask, how can you know which one will work for your skin?


If you are using creams that have too much moisture, then it will only cause dryness to your skin. If this happens to your skin, your body will not be able to absorb enough moisture from the cream. It will also cause the skin to become flaky or cracked. This will make your skin look more wrinkled than it already does.

In addition, you have to remember that moisturizers and creams with a higher amount of alcohol should only be used if your skin’s level of moisture is already at its saturation point. If you want to stay away from these, then choose a product that will not clog your pores. Avoid using creams with lotions that are too heavy on the skin because these products will strip the natural oils in your skin.

Hydrating creams are also important in order to maintain your skin’s level of moisture. Since your skin already has enough moisture, it won’t need to wait for you to use it. Just apply it every day and your skin will automatically absorb the moisture from it.

If you are looking for a hydrating cream, remember to look for one that contains aloe vera extract because it contains anti-bacterial properties and also contains vitamin E, which is effective in moisturizing the skin. Another ingredient is glycerin, which helps to make the cream more water-resistant. Lastly, you should choose a cream that contains cocoa butter because it contains a high concentration of cocoa butter and other fatty acids such as linoleic acid.

Although there is no clear answer as to what is the best way to use a hydrating cream, it is advised that you will start with applying them every day after cleansing your face. Just follow these simple steps and your skin will be healthy and glowing in no time.

As previously stated, moisturizers are also needed in order to maintain your body’s levels of moisture. However, you can only hydrate your skin if it is properly hydrated, so you have to find out which type of moisturizer suits your skin type.

First, determine the type of your skin type. Choose a moisturizer that is made especially for oily skin or dry skin depending on what type of skin you have. Make sure that your moisturizer is mild enough for your skin type, so it can be absorbed by your skin.

Second, take time to research and try different types of body lotion. and find out which ones can give your skin the best results.

Author: mtlhairsalon