Yonka After Sun milk

What Makes Yonka After Sun Milk Different?

Yonka After Sun Milk is a new line of all natural infant formulas made to benefit babies on the Autism Spectrum. It provides all the vitamins and nutrients that your baby needs, but without the artificial coloring, flavoring, and preservatives found in many baby formulas today. The formula also contains several unique ingredients that are specially formulated to increase the antibodies in a baby’s system, which make it more difficult for viruses and bacteria to thrive. This helps your baby is protected from most common childhood diseases.

Yonka After Sun Milk is made with six unique and carefully chosen ingredients. The first ingredient is an enzyme called A5-GNT. This enzyme is derived from a type of seaweed, which Yonka After Sun Milk is fortified with for further protection against infection.

The next ingredient is Vitamin E. Vitamin E has been used as a great natural antiseptic for hundreds of years. Vitamin E is a powerful oxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body, which keeps the body free of harmful toxins. All Natural Vitamin E may be produced synthetically or through the use of this antioxidant. The formula uses both types of Vitamin E.

Yonka After Sun Milk contains the latest in B-12 supplements, which are an essential part of maintaining good health. B-12 helps the body process and build healthy red blood cells, which are needed to support healthy brain function and general mental growth. Plus, these supplements are important in preventing and healing a variety of heart diseases, which are common in children on the Autism Spectrum.

Yonka After Sun Milk also contains Omega 3 fatty acids. These acids can help boost brain function and to repair the skin and membranes. They can also help build the immune system and fight off common childhood infections.

Yonka After Sun Milk contains Biotin, which is a naturally occurring vitamin that promotes healthy bones and teeth. Biotin can also help the body to build healthier white blood cells, which can help with illnesses like eczema and asthma. Biotin is also a great supplement for heart disease prevention. The formula also contains L-Arginine, which helps to increase the amount of oxygen that the brain can hold.

Yonka After Sun Milk also contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These acids can help regulate the thyroid gland and keep it from overworking. These acids can also reduce the amount of stress hormone levels, which can have a positive effect on brain function and anxiety.

Yonka After Sun Milk is available in two flavors. The Golden Vanilla Flavor offers all the benefits of the Original and Blueberry flavors. The Extra Vanilla Flavor is blended with almond extract, which is a special ingredient.

Author: mtlhairsalon