What is the least Desirable Hair Color?

Your hair color is determined by the relative abundance of two pigments found in cells (melanocytes) called eumelanin and pheomelanin; with eumelanin producing darker locks while pheomelanin giving lighter hues.

Your preference for hair color seems to depend on your age; those in their prime tend to favor brunette locks more. And this holds true both for men and women.


Blondes may have more fun, but it can be easy for them to get stuck in a hair color rut. For something different than brassy highlights or vanilla strands, try opting for this sandy blonde shade from Aloxxi Colorist Jessica Wall Innella: it provides lightening while still maintaining some dimension and texture.

This buttery blonde brings back memories of summer beach days and looks fabulous on warmer complexions. To reduce maintenance, she suggests getting just a few balayage highlights so your next touch-up appointment can be delayed until a later date.

Blondes can look stunningly lovely when wearing delicate hues like bubblegum pink. To maintain its beauty for as long as possible, Francis suggests asking your stylist for a professional-grade formula containing ingredients such as squalane and orchid extract – this will leave your strands shiny and healthy!


Brown hair can make for both an elegant and natural look, depending on its length and shade. Maintenance for brown locks may be lower than with blonde or other dark hues due to less frequent root touch ups needed; but dark hues still require very minimal upkeep overall.

Brunette is derived from French brunet, a diminutive of brun (brown/brown-haired). It first entered English around 1100 along with synonyms blond and blonde; some usage guides suggest blond as masculine while blonde as feminine.

Men have consistently chosen blondes as the preferred hair color. According to one survey, they ranked them above brunettes, redheads and black locks in terms of attraction for all four hair colors surveyed – likely because “blondes have more fun.” Perhaps this phenomenon stems from that age-old saying about blondes having more fun or their sun-kissed glow that men just can’t help but notice; don’t fret though; brunettes still have admirers!


Redheads may stand out with their vibrant hues, yet studies show they often struggle in dating situations. Studies show that both genders find redhaired people less desirable.

Red haired individuals looking to maintain the vibrancy of their locks should limit how often they wash it to three times weekly at most, using only lukewarm water as hot water can strip your strands of their natural pigment and speed up fading.

When selecting the ideal shade of red for you, the best approach is consulting a Madison Reed colorist and showing them photos of yourself to gain their professional opinion on what will look best. After this consultation process is complete, ask the colorist to apply your chosen hue either in-salon or opt for semi-permanent depositing products such as in-home semi-permanent tinting kits to achieve it at home – just remember to maintain regular masks and color-protective shampoo/conditioner for long lasting color results!