What is the Best Color to Cover Grey Hair?

No matter your hair texture or goals, color options that conceal grey locks have become a hot beauty trend. Here, stylists share tips and techniques for getting the best gray coverage with professional hair color solutions.

GH Beauty Lab evaluations scored this drugstore dye near the top for easy instructions, covering stubborn grays effectively, and lasting six weeks before fading.


Blonde shades tend to be the ideal way to conceal grey hairs, as they blend more naturally with your natural strands than darker hues do. Look for blonde hues with neutral undertones for a natural appearance or choose lighteners which provide gray coverage without brassiness.

If you want full gray coverage, opt for permanent hair colors containing more ammonia than semi-permanent dye. Salon professionals will be able to use these formulations with amazing results.

Permanent hair coloring may also be an option if you wish to lighten up your color while maintaining some length, says Sarchet. A professional salon can assist in choosing a shade suitable to both your skin tone and any potential regrowth that may occur over time.


Gray hair can be an elegant part of one’s style. To cover up all or just some of your greys, there are various techniques and colors that can help. Ranging from highlighting to semi-permanent or permanent dyeing solutions – there’s sure to be one that fits with your needs and lifestyle!

If you prefer full coverage, brown shades may work to successfully conceal grays without creating too much contrast. If the greys are concentrated toward the ends of your hair, try adding lighter highlights in those areas to further soften and lighten them up.

Madison Reed offers toner services as an effective, gradual way of covering greys and extending color. Their toners deliver natural-looking lift without frequent touch ups needed.


Grey hair is an inevitable part of getting older, yet some people don’t want to see its signs showing through their temples and beard lines. Luckily, there are low-maintenance colors and techniques available that can help conceal greying locks.

Permanent dye is the safest solution for covering gray hair, though professional advice on shade should always be sought first. According to Sarchet, fashion or vibrant shades may not always be the optimal solution.

Giannetos suggests Revlon’s ammonia-free boxed hair color, which scored highly in GH Beauty Lab testing due to its ease of use, minimal fragrance, and soft shine characteristics. She also recommends Rita Hazan root cover up spray as an easy and quick touch up between salon visits.


Accepting gray hair can be beautiful, but if it makes you uneasy yet, covering gray strands in an almost undetectable way may be necessary. By selecting appropriate shades and techniques for gray coverage, salon visits for coverage will become less frequent while still having an elegant appearance.

Celebrity hair stylist Bradley Leake prefers a dark-neutral blonde shade that’s warm without being brassy for grey hair coverage, calling it one of his top choices. His favorite technique for doing classic balayage works to achieve natural-looking results that won’t require touching up for 4+ months! Using color correcting purple shampoo in between services helps cancel out yellow or brassy tones to achieve this look.


Gray hair coverage trends that have taken over salons nationwide are helping women embrace their age-defying beauty and celebrate it without fear. The key to successfully blending grays is working with its natural hue rather than going against it.

Silver hues work beautifully to complement grays and add dimension, creating a more natural and youthful aesthetic. Silver shades work particularly well by brightening existing color tones without competing too heavily with them.

If you are coloring a blonde with gray hair, choosing a shade with multiple undertones will help mask regrowth and make it less apparent. For brunettes, selecting darker hues with cool violet tones will neutralize brassiness for an elegant result and ensure optimal results. Also be sure to use at least 20 volume developer.