Types of Barbershops

While it is true that most barbers are very handsome and handsomely dressed men, they must also understand how to play their parts so that they will be able to deliver the right messages to their clients. It is therefore important for a person to understand the different kinds of barbers and how to read them in order to deliver the message that the barber wants to get across. Here are some of the different kinds of barbers:

Classic Barber – The common way of delivering messages to their clients is through word of mouth and through their stylist. The traditional way of delivering messages was to hire a new stylist every now and then and find out what his/her feelings were with the various haircuts and styles. For the sake of honesty and reliability, a classic barber would not employ a new stylist. They will still carry out their duties by dealing with their current stylist but will mostly likely to keep it as a one on one relationship. This type of barber has a lot of respect for their own skills so they would never use the word “special” when speaking about their stylist as this would not allow them to maintain the trust of their clients.

Modern Barber – The modern barbers are more at ease with technology and are far more likely to be open to innovation in their services and would never use words like “special” to convey any kind of message. They would inform their clients of all of their modern style innovations so that clients would know what to expect from them from now on. They have access to the latest trends and are very willing to give away their secrets. Since they rely on their stylists rely on them too, they would always try to give advice to their stylists that will make them more efficient.

The Texan – This type of barber is very patient and works very hard to deliver a more formal service. They tend to deliver their messages by employing a formal tone when they speak to their clients. They are very hesitant in using words like “special” since they are open to experimentation. They would inform their clients of their latest innovations and then they would tell their clients if they are satisfied with the results.

Eulogy – This type of barber works very hard to make their stylists feel loved and appreciated. They will try to do whatever they can to reassure their stylists of their love and affection. When it comes to matters of style, they would work with their stylists to ensure that they will be able to deliver them the best service and look that their stylists have been dreaming about. Most importantly, they would try to work with their stylists and make them feel special.

Master stylist – If you are thinking of your barber being a master stylist in a certain barbershop, then you are going to be quite wrong. A barbershop master stylist will be a skilled stylist with excellent customer service skills. They will still be reliable and dependable but their stylists would take the lead and be the main influencers in what they do.

Barbers With Their Clients – In order to save money in barbershops, a lot of stylists have decided to promote themselves in bars. This is where they receive a commission from the barbers they will be cutting. This is often referred to as the “Barbers with the Clients” style.

Whether you prefer a classic barbershop or a barbershop that has a stylist with their clients, it is important to understand that each style has its own set of characteristics. Understanding these differences can help you select the barbershops that suit your personality.

Author: mtlhairsalon