Yonka Alpha Contour Lip Balm is a kind of thick lip balm that is perfect for your lips. It is a collection of lip balms and lipsticks with an extra special lip gloss. The new collection of this brand also includes lip balms. The products in this collection are not only brighten the color of your lips but also keep it soft and smooth all day long.

Yonka Alpha Contour

The heart of this collection is its Y Creams which is meant to act as an all-day lip balm for your lips, for your mouth and eyes. They Creams with extra white color should be used at night before you go to bed. The yonka alpha contour collection has a lip balm with mineral pigment which makes it glow-like and adds radiance to your lips.

This collection also comes in various shades like a warm bronzed color, a deep bronze with bright red lip color and a cute pink shade. They Matte Lip Gel comes in all colors including pale pink color and white. It is used after they Creams have been applied.

For young skin, they Matte Lip Gel is a good lip color. It will keep your lips nourished while you are on the go. If you want your lips to stay firm, look beautiful and be glowing all day long, they Matte Lip Gel is a good choice.

They Matte Lip Balm works well for young and old. They Matte Lip Gel offers a silky texture to make your lips comfortable and give a shine. It gives a beautiful and elegant look. In addition, it is more comfortable to use than other brands available in the market.

The YMatte Lip Gel is also free from any harmful chemicals. It comes in a standard size and will last you for about six weeks.

They Concealer is another good product of this brand. It is very lightweight and spreads easily on the face. It will cover the imperfections and even out your skin tone.

Overall, the Y Matte Lip Gel, Y Concealer and Y Cream are all great for all your lip needs. You can easily apply it and feel confident that your lips will be soft and smooth all day long.

Author: mtlhairsalon