Sun Protection Hair Styling Products

Sun Protection Hair Styling Products

Hair can be just as susceptible to the sun’s harmful UV rays as skin, leading to dryness and color fading. To protect strands from this sun exposure, using nourishing oils or serums with UV protection is crucial.

Protective hairstyles such as braids or buns may also help to minimize direct sun exposure around the scalp area.

Moisture Hero(tm) Pre-Shampoo Balm

Pre-Shampoo Balm for Dry Hair | Organic Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil & Olive Oil Extract. Our pre-shampoo balm was specifically created to deliver intensive moisture boost to parched locks! Packed with rich natural ingredients like organic shea butter, jojoba oil & olive oil extract for deep nourishment of parched locks as well as protection from hard water minerals & moisture loss; you’re assured soft, smooth & resilient locks!

Warm a small amount of this hydrating balm in your hands and apply it directly onto your dry locks prior to shampooing, leaving it on for at least 10 minutes or overnight for extra dry or damaged strands. Enjoy smooth, radiant, softened locks that are easier to style – all without Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Parabens or Silicone! Plus its subtle fragrance reminds us of peach blossoms and Brazilian oranges!

Thermal Shield(tm) Heat Protectant

This thermal heat protectant mist nourishes, conditions and locks in moisture to reduce frizz and improve hair’s overall texture. The mist’s rich ingredients include coconut oil, glycerin and oat kernel extract that provide needed hydration against styling tools’ dryness and dryness caused by styling tools – while at the same time helping reduce color fade as well as damage prevention by creating a protective shield around hair fibers.

Curly haired girls love this heat protection spray because its unique formula contains no silicones, drying alcohols, sulfates or parabens – making it the ideal solution to help safeguard strands against damage. Incorporating UV protection up to 450F/232C heat as a light hold hairspray.

Shake well and apply mist onto dry hair section by section before using a heat styling tool to set. Brush through, allow heat styling time, then brush or style as desired before reapplying as needed for protection and enhanced style.

Hair In The Sun with Ocean Silk Technology

SACHAJUAN’s signature Ocean Silk technology (obtained from Rhodophycea and Chondrus algae) combined with natural ingredients like coconut oil and cinnamon creates a light yet nourishing formula that provides nourishment without feeling heavy on hair exposed to sunlight, leaving behind its beautiful tropical aroma on locks.

Hydrating, multi-tasking treatment that protects both hair and colour from the sun with UV filters that stay put after bathing or showering, while providing light styling effect and keeping hair in place as you take in summer sun! Also included as an extra perk is its light styling effect to keep hair in place during fun outdoor adventures!

This product is suitable for all hair types, particularly those who dye their locks to extend their color and protect it from UV rays. Simply apply prior to sun exposure, style as usual and enjoy!

GK Hair ThermalStyleHer Cream

GK Hair ThermalStyleHer Cream is a heat activated styling cream designed to protect hair from damage caused by hot tools. Additionally, this softening and smoothening cream works especially well as pre-styling treatment for curly locks.

This natural heat protectant contains no harsh chemicals and contains only all-natural ingredients. Its natural silicones create a barrier between hair and heat sources, while natural seed oil adds moisture for frizz-free locks that look soft and silky.

Juvexin, an antiaging protein blend made up of keratin anti-ageing proteins designed to repair damaged hair from within. Formulated with natural grain extracts and seed oils that deeply nourish hair for silky soft, beautiful locks – simply emulsify a small amount in your palms before applying damp hair with any heat tool!