Sun Protection Hair Styling Products

Sunscreen for hair and scalp protection is essential in protecting both from damage. Most products contain nourishing ingredients to nourish your locks while also helping prevent color from fading.

Spray or powder formulations make application simple and intuitive, and Dr. Mehr recommends opting for physical blockers like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide rather than chemical sunscreen ingredients like oxybenzone.

Grow Perfect(tm) Thickening Spray

Attaining fuller-looking locks is one of the goals many women strive for, yet few succeed at accomplishing. Finding thickening products with ingredients proven to promote healthy strands is key. For maximum effectiveness, look for thickeners with vitamins and minerals that nourish both scalp and hair rather than heavy silicones that could weigh down or damage it.

Grow Perfect(tm) Thickening Spray contains natural, effective ingredients designed to lift at the roots and increase volume for instantly thicker-looking hair. Hyaluronic Acid works to plump each strand while organic rosemary and spearmint oil and cloudberry extract support healthy hair growth while RootBioTec(tm), an all-natural DHT blocker which works by inhibiting 5a reductase activity to prevent hair loss, is also included – free from parabens, phthalates or silicones! Perfect before styling.

Split Fix(tm) Hair Oil

Start enjoying salon-quality smoother, softer hair with this multitasking hair oil! Packed with nutrients, this mist doubles as a detangler, leave-in conditioner, heat protectant and UV shield to defend against damage from sun exposure, styling tools or brushing your locks.

Strengthen fragile, dry, and broken strands using lightweight jojoba esters combined with organic botanical oils such as coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and apricot kernel oil to seal in moisture and prevent breakage. Plus it includes caffeine to stimulate the scalp and support healthy hair growth!

Spray the oil directly onto dry, damaged strands and use a comb to pinpoint split ends as needed. Reapply as necessary.

Sun Defense Hair Mist

This leave-in spray forms an invisible hair sunscreen to shield frizzy, curly or dry locks from UV rays and prevent damage caused by UV radiation. Packed with natural UV filters like Phytessence(tm) French Oak Extract plus moisturizing ingredients such as organic aloe leaf and acai fruit extract for enhanced moisture balance, it serves as the ideal sun protection product.

As opposed to powders that can weigh down hair, this lightweight mist provides UV ray protection, thermal damage mitigation and pollution shielding for both scalp and strands – while adding lightweight moisture.

Prolonged sun exposure can cause the outer hair cuticle to open up, allowing moisture to escape and depleting melanin pigment, leaving dull and brassy locks behind. This multi-tasking hair serum works to both repair damaged strands as well as guard against future breakage with its blend of shea, cocoa and argan oils that provide essential fatty acids that reverse damaged locks while acting as heat protectant for sunny-day protection.

Grow Perfect(tm) Shampoo

Grow Perfect(tm) Shampoo was developed to strengthen existing strands against breakage while creating optimal conditions for new hair growth. By using Anagain(tm) and organic rosemary oil as clinically proven ingredients, this nourishing shampoo has shown to extend growth phases by up to 33% while decreasing shedding cycles resulting in faster, thicker and denser locks than before shedding began! Gentle on hair color-safe formula without parabens, sulfates, phthalates or silicone additives – perfect for new growth!