Silk Scarves in the Paisalmer Area of Rajasthan


Silk Scarves in the Paisalmer Area of Rajasthan

The Paisalmer Indian Bazaar is one of the most renowned places in Northern India. It is located at the entrance of Chittorgarh, the second largest hill station in the country. The markets of the town are thronged by local and foreign tourists all year round. One of the most visited markets is the shawls and embroidery market of Paisalmer. These shawls are made by the womenfolk of this region and are hugely famous across India.

The paisalmer embroidery industry has been thriving in this region for the last hundred years and is a mainstay still today in the region. The Paisalmer shawls are woven with silk using the traditional process of Punjabi silk weaving. Silk is used here because of its excellent qualities and it resists to heat and abrasion very well. Silk has the unique ability to cling to itself like glue. This makes the fabric soft, smooth and long lasting.

Woven shawls of paisalmer are a hot commodity among tourists. Tourists from all over India come to this area to buy these silk scarves. There are many shawls available for purchase here. These shawls are woven by the womenfolk of this region from pure cotton silk, jute and even silk brocade.

These shawls are generally handmade and are made by the womenfolk of the region. These handcrafted shawls are generally very expensive. But still many tourists love to buy these silk scarves. Some of the famous paisalmer shawls are made from jute and are quite popular in the tourist area. These shawls are made out of a thick wool yarn and are dyed in rich shades of red and gold.

Paisalmer shawls are also woven using fine silk threads. They are generally made with a heavy knot work on them. Some of these shawls are made more intricate by adding colorful stones to them like marbles, diamonds etc. These stones bring a royal look to the shawl and are also very precious.

Another specialty of this region is that there are some paisalmer embroidery companies that make these silk scarves for the tourists. These scarves are made by the womenfolk of the region using traditional methods. There are a number of embroidery shops here. These shops sell these wonderful silk items. You can buy some truly magnificent shawls here.

Hand woven silk scarves are also popular here in this area. A great number of people love to wear silk shawls during winters. You will easily find many shops selling all sorts of silk scarves in the vicinity of Paisalmer.

The Paisalmer hotels have everything that you might need for your stay in the region. You can easily find some great local restaurants serving food that you like. There are many local markets also where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits.