All barbershops, nail salons, beauty salons and similar personal service businesses are set to close permanently on Saturday evening to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus in Puerto Plata. The last Saturday of every month is normally a busy time for these businesses but this one is different. If you own or run one of these businesses, it is important for you to take note of the upcoming closure date.


The government has declared that all barber shops, nail salon and hair salons, tattoo parlours and similar personal service businesses will close permanently on Saturday evening from 7pm until further notice to combat the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in Puerto Plata. The news came as no surprise to many, as it has been evident from the health ministry’s announcements over the past few weeks. Many have reported feeling an increase in illnesses and discomfort since the ban was announced.

The Health Ministry is now calling upon all residents to stay at home to ensure that the affected areas are completely safe for anyone who wants to go out. Health officials have been advising people not to bathe in contaminated water sources and to wash their hands thoroughly after eating foods that were prepared in the infected area. People who work in the affected area are also advised to wear masks and goggles when going to the bath, kitchen or shower.

Most barbers are not closing their doors altogether and have kept on doing business by having a reduced number of haircuts and taking customers on short appointments. Many barber shops are offering discounts for people who are planning to travel to Puerto Plata. They may be able to offer discounted rates, free haircut vouchers and even provide free consultation services for a small fee.

Many people who want to have their hair cut in San Diego will have to wait for the ban to come into effect, depending on which part of the island they live. Hairdressers and stylists have already warned their clients to stay away from the affected areas. Those who want to have their hair styled in San Diego should wait till the ban is lifted. since San Diego is not expected to have any cases of the deadly virus for a while.

San Diego’s beaches surrounding Puerto Plata have already seen a rise in tourism due to the health warning from the health ministry. As long as the health ministry continues to issue warnings, San Diego hotels have already been booked with people looking to get their hair cut or have their nails done in the city. With a huge number of tourists visiting the city it is unlikely that there will be many bars, nail saloons or barbershops left open once the ban is in place. The Health Ministry has warned tourists to avoid visiting areas affected by the virus.

Author: mtlhairsalon