Peach Pink Hair Color Trend

An eye-catching shade such as peach can require frequent touch-up appointments and bleaching sessions to achieve, but it’s worth it. If you’re nervous to go all-out with this hue, try opting for something subtler, such as Willa Gray’s dreamy apricot ombre melt.

Norris suggests adding subtle peach highlights or including it into an ombre for a more discreet appearance.

1. Warm Peach

Dyeing your hair pink may be both exciting and daunting; when done right it can look beautiful yet natural. “The key is keeping the color soft pastel,” according to stylist Frank Friscioni. This long bob’s blend of rosy hues with orange tones adds an alluring glow that mesmerizes.

For a less dramatic approach, add peach highlights to your blonde locks like Regina Hall did – its luxurious hue complemented her skin while the shimmer of its color perfectly complimented her beachy waves. Or for something bolder try Kylie Jenner’s strawberry peach shade which brought out both green or blue eyes while accentuating her wavy bob haircut – but just remember to bleach up to light honey blonde before dying as darker hues may cause unwanted brassiness in the process!

2. Red-Fade Peach

After years of pink obsession, it’s time to switch it up a bit this summer and embrace another pretty pastel: peach. “Peach is an extremely universal hue; it flatters all skin tones equally and requires less commitment–usually just occasional toning is required!” says Brian O’Connor.

Makenna Elmore at Lola Salon in Toronto used Wella’s Color Fresh CREATE line to achieve this festival-ready acid wash for indie singer Willa Milner, mixing neon peach and blush tones for a vibrant yet long-lasting acid wash. For optimal results she used 20g Hyper Coral mixed with 10g Nudist Pink and 60g Tomorrow Clear for this task.

To subdue peach hair color, add soft pink highlights for an airbrushed effect. “They work so well together because both colors are muted,” according to Frank Friscioni of Oon Arvelo Salon in New York City. This technique works particularly well on wavy or curly locks because it emphasizes color variations and enhances their volume.

3. Light Peach

After years of Barbiecore pink fever, it’s time for another pretty pastel hue to take center stage. Opt for something subtler that leans more toward rose gold this time – an easy transitional shade perfect for fall outfits as well. It will look equally great with sweaters as with dresses!

Request that your colorist add some soft peach highlights to your blonde locks for an unobtrusive nod of this season’s trend. A sun-kissed peach hue will bring warmth to your complexion, looking beautiful with tousled locks or beachy bob. Jenni Vehkaoja utilized EIMI Sugar Lift Opens in a new tab and Blondor Freelights to achieve these peach highlights on one of her client’s lobs.

For an eye-catching peach hue, dye your roots to match your light peach strands for an unexpected twist. The dramatic contrast will highlight your face shape while drawing attention to blue-green or gray eyes – Kylie Jenner makes the boldest statement with her bold pink balayage, enhanced by mussed-up waves.

4. Soft Peach

Peach pink hair looks feminine and flirty with any haircut, but particularly beautiful in a shaggy bob. Go all-out Barbiecore by dyeing all or part of your head peach pink or keep things subdued by adding an ombre effect that fades gradually into natural blonde tones for an indirect approach that works for those without the time or courage for full bleaching of their heads.

Norris recommends targeting a level 9-10 blonde base to achieve the most realistic shade of peach, whether bleaching entirely or opting for pre-tone and color like Megan Fox does. Before dyeing your locks, be sure to properly prepare using moisture-rich hair masks and heat protectants spray.

Colorists specializing in pastel tones – like Frank Friscioni of Oon Arvelo Salon in New York City (he colored Willa’s gorgeous pink locks! – tend to mix various hues to achieve their desired result – this means the final hue may more resemble soft blush rather than vibrant bubblegum, making maintenance much simpler than with vibrant orange or pink shades.