Pastel Rose Balaayge

Pastel hues make an eye-catching statement in blonde hair. From Kylie Jenner’s desert-inspired platinum-rosy hybrid look, or this soft pastel pink balayage option, pastel pink balayage can help clients realize their vision.

This mermaid-inspired mane features soft and playful sweeps of baby pink, mint green and frosted lilac over a sun-kissed blonde base. To achieve it yourself, lift the strands using Blondor Freelights before painting them with Color Fresh CREATE in Ocean Storm and Pink Dream to recreate this look.

Pink Blonde Balayage

Pink is not just reserved for girly locks; it makes an incredible statement when worn wavy. Use this balayage technique with blondes to achieve soft pink highlights that are both on trend and easy to maintain. Lighten the base using Koleston Perfect Opens in a new tab in Special Mix 0/65 or Magma Opens in a new tab paired with developer to reach desired shade; tone using violet toner (such as Shinefinity Color Glaze Lilac Frost Opens in a new tab) followed by deep conditioning treatment such as Kera Color Soft Pink Klenditioner Opens in a new tab to complete look.

If your clients aren’t yet ready for full pink balayage, pastel rainbow highlighting could be the perfect solution to add subtle pops of color in a subtle manner. Hanna Galicia from stylist Hanna Galicia offers an excellent example with sweeps of baby pink, mint green, and frosted lilac over an otherwise sun-kissed blonde base.

Pink Blonde Highlights

Pink highlights on blonde hair can range from punkish to feminine depending on their shade and cut. Here, soft periwinkle hues have been blended with an adorable girly bob featuring wavy layers and chunky bangs for an attractive feminine aesthetic.

Brown hair can serve as the ideal canvas for pastel pink hues if handled properly. To achieve this effect, begin by pre-lightening your client’s locks to achieve their desired level of lightness – the lighter their base, the brighter rose tones will pop!

Next, apply a root melt with Color Touch 5/1 before following up with Instamatic by Blondor Opens in a new tab 0/65 for an instant pink toner wash-out wash-out toning product blown through mid-lengths and ends for maximum volume and shine enhancement. Finally, finish their look off by protecting their hair with EIMI Thermal Image Opens in a new tab to extend color lasting and prevent heat damage between salon visits.

Rose Gold Balayage

If you love pastel rose gold but prefer something lower-maintenance for your hair, consider temporary tints like Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint (PS15). With up to 10 shampoos of wear-time between applications, it allows you to experiment with various hues until finding one you’ll love.

Even dark hair can take advantage of the rose gold balayage trend with help from their stylist. Request a light golden cherry hue that cascades from your roots down to more strawberry blonde tones at the ends; these colors blend effortlessly to form a stunning rose gold balayage that’s sure to become an Instagram hit!

Pale lavender rose hair is another dreamy yet seductive hue. Perfect for girls with darker natural roots who wish to go lighter at the crown, pale lavender rose hue works especially well when worn in choppy bob styles that bring out its beautiful hues.

Rose Gold Highlights

This stunning pastel rose hue is ideal for brunettes who wish to add a splash of pink without pre-lightening their natural shade of brown. Kadus Permanent Hair Color with Vitaflection Microspheres can help achieve this stunning look, for ultimate shine and depth of colour.

Strawberry blondes can add some subtle playfulness and romance to their look with rose gold highlights. These delicate peach hues bordering mauve create an eye-catching romantic style suitable for multiple styles.

Your stylist can add rose gold balayage just at the tips of your layers for an easy low-maintenance style that’s easy to grow out if you decide on shortening it in future.

Red hair looks especially radiant with rose gold highlights. This look can be worn all over or just around your face depending on your desired effect, keeping its hue vibrant by using color-safe shampoo, conditioner and hair mask products specifically formulated to maintain these colored tresses.