Keratin Straightening Treatment Near Me

keratin straightening treatment near me

Keratin straightening treatments (or Brazilian blowouts) are professional salon chemical services designed to give hair a long-term straightening solution and add intense glossy shine. A skilled stylist must understand how best to apply the product without breaking too many protein bonds and achieve the desired effect.

Why Keratin?

Keratin is a natural protein found in our hair, skin and fingernails. It helps our structures remain strong and healthy but can become depleted through chemical treatments, heat styling tools or UV exposure.

Keratin treatments help restore natural protein into our hair strands, strengthening and strengthening them further while simultaneously decreasing frizz and taming curls for sleeker locks that are less prone to breakage.

Keratin hair smoothing goes beyond just straightening; it can benefit virtually all types of hair. From repairs caused by other treatments to adding moisture back in, and helping prevent future frizz with its straightforward application process – Keratin smoothing treatments last longer and are safe for color treated hair types as well as being non-damaging to other hair types.

How Keratin Works

Keratin is a fibrous protein found in hair, skin and nails as well as in glands and organs. Wavy or curly locks contain polypeptide chains that run in opposite directions so as to overlap each other (helical).

Keratin treatments utilize chemicals and a flat iron to break down helix structures of your hair, leaving wavy or curly locks looking straighter, less frizzy, easier to style, and with increased shine.

Keratin treatments often promise to make hair healthier, although it’s hard to verify this claim with certainty. Smooth locks may reflect more light, creating an appearance of healthiness. In addition, some individuals who undergo keratin treatments for themselves discontinue use of heat-styling tools altogether which helps reduce dryness and breakage in their locks.

Keratin Treatments for All Hair Types

At-home hair smoothing treatments containing keratin can offer similar results as salon ones; however, their formula tends to differ and may not produce as drastic a change – typically not straightening or completely smoothening hair but instead softening and elongating texture rather than completely straightening strands. Many products also contain glycolic acid as a popular exfoliant that works wonders in skincare products.

If you want a keratin treatment, make sure you visit a salon with experienced technicians. In-salon keratin treatments can last six months and produce long-lasting, voluminous locks. Keratin also prevents frizz when humidity hits, adds depth to color saturation and doesn’t damage strands during treatment!

How Long Does a Keratin Treatment Last?

Keratin treatments typically last 2-4 months depending on your hair type, with touch up treatments scheduled every 4-6 weeks to maintain smooth and supple results. To extend their longevity, avoid wearing tight ponytails or braids that might leave dents behind, use silk pillowcases when sleeping on satin scarves to avoid friction while sleeping and avoid wearing your hair up in tight ponytails or braids in tight ponytails or braids for long amounts of time – this can leave dent marks behind!

Professional keratin treatments typically last two to four hours depending on your hair length, thickness, texture, and the formula being used. Prior to your treatment appointment, deep condition your locks for at least a week with deep conditioner before avoiding using oily products on the day of.

Be sure to select a salon that uses products without formaldehyde, as this chemical may lead to eye and nose irritation, rashes and lung congestion. Instead, look for items formulated without this hazardous ingredient and that contain glyoxylic acid instead.

Keratin Treatments for Damaged Hair

Keratin treatments can be an excellent way to ensure healthy and glossy locks. While salon-quality results might not be achievable at home, using products such as shampoo and conditioner with Keratin Smoothing Complex(r), leave-in conditioning spray, or hair masks can still provide benefits that help to make strands silky smooth.

Not all keratin treatment formulas are created equal. Old-school treatments containing formaldehyde may damage hair over time; fortunately, more gentle alternatives using ingredients like glycolic acid and sericin have emerged as alternatives that won’t damage it over time.

For an effective keratin treatment, your stylist will first wash your locks with clarifying shampoo in order to prepare the locks to absorb the smoothing solution. Next, the keratin solution is applied and flat ironed onto your locks in order to seal in its formula.