Global Youth Cream was launched by the New York based cosmetics giant Estee Lauder in March 2020. Estee Lauder is also the parent company of the Estee Edit and Estee Lauder Kids brands. It is a leader in its industry, and for good reason.


Estee Lauder has earned its name as the “Hollywood of makeup“, but it is the company’s products that have made it that name. Estee Lauder produces high-quality, professional-looking skin care products that are created by experts using only natural ingredients. All their products are fragrance free and paraben free. The company has strict policies regarding the use of harmful ingredients.

As a result of this dedication to quality, Estee Lauder uses only natural fragrances. Estee Lauder is one of the few companies that offer an option of selecting natural fragrance or scents for their products. Global Youth Cream is no exception. This product is formulated with ingredients that are plant based and are very safe.

In addition to being safe, Global Youth Cream also contains ingredients that promote skin cell growth and help skin retain moisture. The product is also rich in vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.

What sets Global Youth Cream apart from other skin care formula is the inclusion of CynergyTK? This special kelp extract helps the body convert dietary proteins into functional collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are important building blocks of healthy young, looking skin.

They are the two main causes of wrinkles and lines in our body during the aging process. Global Youth Cream does not promise to reverse the aging process, but it does promise to prevent further damage from occurring. That is a lot more than a simple anti-wrinkle cream can offer.

The company also lists several other effective ingredients for better skin health, including Babassu wax, Maracuja passion fruit extract, Manuka honey, and the highly beneficial grape seed oil. Some of these ingredients can cause adverse reactions if not used in the right amounts.

The key ingredient in Global Youth Cream is Phytessence Wakame kelp extract. It works with a complex of other enzymes to reduce the activity of the harmful enzymes that cause the production of free radicals in the skin.

This helps protect the skin from free radical damage by eliminating the damaging activity and maintaining the antioxidant activity required to support healthy cell growth. Phytessence Wakame also supports the body’s ability to produce natural collagen and elastin.

Author: mtlhairsalon