Hydrolifting – A New Injectable HA Technique That Is Both Safe and Effective

Hydrolifting is a relatively new antiaging treatment modality that restores overall facial volume and skin thickness using multi-pass HA injection. Though it is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure, few publications have described its efficacy. Further research is needed to clarify the fundamental concepts of this procedure and to identify possible mechanisms of action. This article aims to define a new injectable HA technique that is both safe and effective. The results of this procedure will be compared to conventional fillers to reveal the effectiveness of this treatment.

Hydrolifting is an advanced clinical procedure that visibly firms face and neck skin. It also improves skin elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is particularly effective for people who have sagging skin due to sun damage and aging. If you’re looking for a facial to improve sagging skin, Hydrolifting is the perfect treatment for you. To find out whether Hydrolifting is right for you, visit our website and request a consultation.

The technology behind Hydrolifting utilizes a spiraling tip that generates hermetic suction. The tip delivers a pro-antioxidant formula and potent peptides to the skin, promoting hydration and rejuvenation for healthy looking skin. Hydrolifting with vortex technology is the most advanced non-laser skin rejuvenation system available, providing long-lasting, effective results. The recommended protocol includes six enzyme treatments every two weeks. The procedure is safe for all skin types except for those with a history of eczema, Aspirin allergy, and breastfeeding women.

Another option for firming skin is Radio Frequency. The radio frequency treatment, which is more effective than HydroLifting, penetrates the dermal layer of the skin and stimulates facial muscles. This treatment can yield better results over the long-term if done every four to six weeks. HydroLifting shows results instantly, but the effects will not last as long as Radio Frequency. This treatment is recommended for patients who have trouble with wrinkles, sagging, or aging skin.

Author: Publissoft